Reece Cannon – Galsworthy Close, Swindon

Sex offender jailed for breaching orders


Reece Cannon has been jailed for breaching his community order

7th February 2017

A SEX offender has been jailed for 14 weeks after breaching his community order.

Reece Cannon, 23, of Galsworthy Close, was brought before magistrates sitting in Swindon after a warrant was issued for his arrest for failing to attend court.

He was convicted of failing to comply with a community order imposed in June of last year by missing two appointments in November and December of last year and also of breaching his curfew on three occasions.

The magistrates sent him to prison for 14 weeks.
Community order for sex offender who allowed 17-year-old to stay with him


Previously May 2016….

Sex offender let girl under 18 stay with him and 8 other people before the courts


Swindon Magistrates’ Court

A REGISTERED sex offender who allowed a girl under 18 to stay with him over the Christmas period was fined £120 for failing to notify the authorities.

Reece Cannon, 23, of Galsworthy Close, admitted the allegation when he appeared before Swindon magistrates.

He was also ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and prosecution costs of £40.





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