Thankyou for visiting Teamtedsite,Track Em Down. Here we are collecting a database to show you convicted child abusers/sex offenders/rapist’s and animalabuseimage and animal abusers in your area.

We will add daily to our site for your safety and awareness of sentences, areas known of abusers and photographs, and all media links available to cases will be added.

Please take time to read this petition and sign and share with your friends ….


Please sign and share the petition here….



We are a team that work with many others and they as we can provide support and understanding of a survivors journey.

As a team, we Team T.E.D we bring to the attention of the public trials and convictions of all abusers….


Child Abusers, Sexual predators, Rapists, Paedophiles, sex offenders and Animal Abuse offenders.

We have pages which link to websites for your searching of knowledge to who’s living near you.

Also a #Twitter link via website updates you can follow here…. Take a look at Team Ted (@teamtedtweets): https://twitter.com/teamtedtweets?s=09

We Thankyou all for your support daily we really appreciate the shares, comments and help you give to help others know who is an offender and keeping everyone safe today.

These people we are giving awareness of are a risk to you, your children and your pets and we believe that you have a right to know who they are and where they are.


You will find many offenders profiled here and their picture are being shared for the first time. The sad fact is that many of these offenders go on to re-offend. Don’t let you and your families be put at risk.

Please use the information on this website to keep yourself and your familes safe.




Here we have area groups just starting…where we can highlight offenders in specific areas and you yourselves can post and share as a part of the team to creating awareness for all of dangerous sex offenders and child abusers and animal abusers.Also we will be highlighting awareness of abusers to the elderly.


Please feel free to join and if you’re requiring help with anything …. if your going through a trial or need of professional help to healing from the abuse you have suffered. We will do our best to get you the help you require and the awareness out there.

57 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Patrick Clarke of Leeds got sent down in 2011 for 3 years he was my step dad. Could u please check he’s on the list. The police said he was. I just want to make sure thank u


      1. Have you ever actually been wrong about the accused? I am curious about one in particular, and need to have an honest chat about it one day if you would.


      1. These TED people expose these scoundrels, a good thing, I daresay: but they don’t have the courage to put their own names and photographs on the website, as the one who exposes them. It shows a certain cowardice


  2. Dear Team T.E.D, it has been brought to my attention that one of the images that you have on this site has me as a named credit as the photographer. I would appreciate if you could remove my credit name from the image. The image is of an old copy black and white picture of a man called Derek Slade and the caption is in white. Many thanks for your co-operation.


  3. Hi

    My father was convicted of possessing indecent pictures of children in Hartlepool magistrates court, his name is David John Berry. Please make sure he has been added to your lists. He also has an order on him making sure he keeps away from areas where youths under the age of 18 or he goes straight to jail.


  4. May I ask if you could consider supporting the early day motion detailed below please!

    Whistleblowing Protection – Foster carers asking for your help and support please.

    Email your MP demanding they sign the motion below to protect Foster Carers when they whistleblow. Give Foster Carers the ability to expose wrongdoing and poor practices in order to protect looked after children they care for without fear of persecution.

    Pleae share this link with your family and friends on your facebook/Twitter timeline to gather as much support from UK MP’s to have Foster Carers included by the Whistleblowing Act. Thank you.


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  5. Hi there,

    I am emailing on behalf of Thames Valley Police press office. Thank you for amending the post on your website about Stephen Ford. Could I please also request that you amend the same details on your Facebook post? The amendment is that the offences took place between 2009 and 2010 and not 2009 – 2011.

    Many thanks,

    Jessica Rodgerson


  6. I remember Chris Skeaping when he moved onto our estate in Feltham Middx, he lived down Durham Road. He was outside with I’d say 4 motocross bikes with a bunch of kids not from our estate, I think they came from the Beavers estate in Hounslow. Me and my mates who were about 13 wanted to have some of the fun these other kids were having, so we made friends with Chris, my instinct was telling me something weren’t right. But I convinced myself I’d be ok as I was never alone with Chris, plus all the other kids seemed to get to ride the bikes and they seemed happy enough. There was some odd things going on in that house, he had a double bed downstairs in his living room, I think he said his sofa had broke? So that was the only place to sit apart from the floor. He also had a pool room upstairs in one of the bedrooms, just a pool table. One day while some if my mates were up stairs playing pool I remember him turning on the radio down stairs and tuning the radio though all the hiss until you could hear talking, I was far away for him to not notice I was in earshot. I could hear my mates coming out the radio.

    I mentioned to my friends what I heard, and we thought it weird, and that maybe he was worried that because he had so many boys around they might plan on robbing him?
    A few days later me and a few mates went round to see what’s going on around chris’s he said he was just popping out to pick up a young lad from Hanworth.

    He left us in the house alone me and my friends, it was then I whispered you go to
    the pool room and talk and make a noise, while I turn on the radio, I kept tuning the radio dial and all of a sudden I heard my friends. I crept upstairs and said quietly he had a device in the room to listen to us, we searched and behind the Curtains was a circuit board with a long wire I understood to be a antenna and a 9volt battery. I disconnected the battery.

    I assume he tuned in his car stereo to listen to us.
    That should have been another warning, but if I stopped going around I’d have no one to go around with. I remember one night Chris said his Brother was going to come over and that his brother was a famous stuntman who had been in superman.
    Colin turned in a red Ferrari with a young lad with him, I did think you driving about a red Ferrari with a lad, why not a woman?. We had to push the car into the garage by its wheels so as not to dent the body work. You can tell Chris and Colin are brothers, they may even be twin brothers they look so alike.

    We used to stay later and later at the house, until one night there was a knock on. The door, it was my Brother in law. as soon as we got out the house my brother in law said that’s Chris Skeaping isn’t it. I said yes, he went mental at me. He knew all about skeaping as he had read news paper reports on him for some offence around Kingston.

    My mum informed other parents, one parent said oh my …… Would never go around there. but he did.

    About two weeks later I was playing on my BMX bike outside a mates house waiting for him to come out. And Chris saw me from up the road he was calling me to go to him, I pretended I couldn’t hear him. Next min he was a few foot away asking why I didn’t go around anymore, I said my mum said that I was not allowed to, his reply was its ok you don’t have to tell her. This sent a chill down my spine.

    I made a quick exit and never spoke to him ever again, I remember our beat copper Kevin, I said that Chris was strange and Kevin replied don’t ever go around there.

    he had a fire in his big garage and many of his bikes caught fire and his car, I remember him crying looking at the damage. Some time after he moved away.

    Me and my friends had a lucky escape, because we all didn’t want to miss out on riding the bikes etc having a place to doss around we was never on our own.


    1. We have posted in 2 parts ….your story under survivors Journeys category and theirs with the faces for awareness under category sex offenders, thankyou for bringing this to our attention and if there is anything else we can add to help please do say. Also if there’s any recent areas they are known for awareness for others thankyou again Alison take care x


  7. I googled the name of my rapist and found a link to this site, where he is named. He may have done his time, but I am still living mine. You are doing a great thing here. Thank you for caring.


  8. You posted on Mark Haslock, jailed in North Wales in January. He is due out on 08 May 2017. I don’t know what to do regarding protecting my children. His wife Rachel Haslock, also a teacher, is telling everyone he is innocent. He will be back living with her soon and I don’t want him anywhere near my children. Any advice would be helpful.


  9. Hello, I notice that you remain anonymous whilst posting some things which cannot be corroborated. The malicious reports of Kevin Dwyer throughout the press is one that is going to come to light at some stage. I know that at no point did Mr Dwyer expose himself to this ‘victim’ who also, you no nothing about. I know things about the ‘victim’ which you don’t and she was desperate to remain anonymous, like you and for good reason she doesn’t want her identity known. This of course won’t last forever and her identity will be revealed. She has a string of dishonesty convictions and has also been convicted of obstructing police investigations, none of which were made known to the jury. Mr Dwyer is not and has never been a ‘flasher’ and reading reports online about this is solid evidence of how desperate and cowardly the press are, so much so that to date, Mr Dwyer has made no attempts to remove such reports because it is ‘known’ this anonymous victim has provided false statements and perverted the course of justice by lying to police about something that never took place. It may be worth mentioning that Mr Dwyer persisted in taking a lie detector examination but was refused. So much that is unknown, but to read your shoddy, pathetic and misleading report is an embarrassment of you hiding behind your website believing your some type of community hero. Get a life.


  10. Can someone contact me re Thomas David Renton. ? You published te court case he was involved in last year. He was accused of sexually abusing 3 children, two of which were his neices, The case was not proven. He has been reinstated as a director of Concentric Early Years and Playwork Training Ltd. I am horrified he is back to visiting nurseries again,


  11. Hi theres man lives near me a Thomas Howe who worked at Kerelaw carehome Stevenstone I have noticed this year he has been at Kilmarnock sheriff court 5 times and is due again dec 06 this year.I cant find out what he is charged for but I do know he is out on bail.Just concerned as I have children and know that other young boys would go into his garage and get their bikes fixed .Do you have any details I had read story on here of man abused their Im just a bit concerned thankyou


  12. Dear TedTeam

    One of the individuals listed on your site had his convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal and was later found not guilty at a retrial. Can you let me know how we go about removing him from your database?



  13. I saw your article on William Mcready and his son Daniel. I am trying to find a William Mcready who worked in various children’s homes in Wandsworth and Lambeth homes children’s homes during the 1980s; he was also Scottish. Would you be able to help confirm whether this Mcready worked in London or was a social worker so I can confirm his identity or learn this is a different William Mcready. Many thanks.


  14. Neil Hunt, the father of James Hunt, has now changed his name and moved to Spain. His name is now Nick Hillier.


    1. Enough said !! The posting will stay

      When Murphy finally made it to the hospital at 4am, he told the truth to social workers who had interviewed the mother that he had assaulted the child by throwing the baby onto two separate sofas. He said he then placed the child on his back and punched him several times in the head.

      Murphy then went on the run for several days before police finally arrested him.



      1. You are doing a great job . You must also post the social media accounts of these culprits so if they try to reach other people through these platform, those might be well informed about these culprits. Its only my suggestion.

        Great Job

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  15. I think ur website is scum yes these people have done crimes they are on a register for that but they deserve to live there lives and move on if it’s there first offence u don’t put baby killers and killers on here they kill people and baby’s and old folk that can’t defend them selves why are they allowed to move on fuck off and leave people to get on with there lives or care about people and report killers who are a lot more dangerous and have done more serious crimes u are just trying to ruin peoples lives telling where they are released to and live so people can hurt them I hope afew on here find u and kill u that would be ok in ur eyes but got help if they just touch u carma will get u one day and I hope all people u have ruined there lives are there to watch


    1. Why would I need finding and killing ? We don’t condone violence but you talk of karma and I don’t need to face any as I haven’t committed any such crimes that are posted here !! Go mush your head somewhere else because you’ve clearly not come to the right place tonight and search again what is posted, you may be very mistaken with your claims and if you have any links that need adding please free to message the site or our fb pages with those links and awareness can continue to protect future generations from people who commit these crimes


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