Court Cases – Woodend Assessment Centre, Wigan 

A man has been charged following an investigation into abuse at a children’s home between the 1970s and 1990s.

David Mann, aged 68, of Westhoughton, has been charged with three counts of buggery under the Sexual Offences Act 1956.

He has been bailed and is due to appear at Wigan Magistrates’ Court on October 11.

In 2015 Operation Milan was launched following a number of complaints of both sexual and physical abuse at Woodend Assessment Centre, which was a children’s home in Wigan.

The counts relate to three separate reports between 1982 and 1987 from individuals aged between 11 and 16 at the time.


6 thoughts on “Court Cases – Woodend Assessment Centre, Wigan 

  1. David Conway Mann,should of been in court today but his case was brought forward to yesterday???? He is back at bolton crown court for trial on the 9th of july 2017.


    1. David Conway Mann,should of been in court today but his case was brought forward to yesterday???? He is back at bolton crown court for trial on the 9th of july 2018.

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  2. I have been looking on the internet for anything about the Woodend case. The last time Mann was in court they change the date and held it earlier. The case was all over the papers when Cyril Smith came to light but now all you find is the old court date which was incorrect anyway.The main witness who bought woodend to light has won a personal claim and got a big pay out of wigan council, Who he now works hand in hand with as there poster boy care leaver. I like many other ex child inmate’s was told by the police that they can’t prosecute for the beatings i took because it was so long ago. In my opinion i was a child and the men punching and head butting me where child abuser’s and i don’t think there is a time limit on child abuse.What really gets me is the real culprits are the faceless management at wigan council that allowed this kind of punishment to go on. I think you could possibly find the ones that haven’t retired at the care leavers Christmas party patting each other on the back. The man who was in charge back then is now looking for my vote as the labour leader in my area, a pier of the realm. I’m convinced Mann gets a not guilty on this.I think its a smoke screen to keep the focus off the management that gave the ok. I was in there for years i knew how things run.I could be wrong.I will know as soon as i here the victims statements of what happened. If anybody knows if they have change the court date will they please post on here.

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  3. I went to Bolton crown court this morning, No listing for the court case. So I went into the office and asked about David Conway Mann. The woman went away for a short while, when she back, she said can I ask what your connection with the case is. I was in Woodend. She immediately hung her head and said ” I’m really sorry but it has already been dealt with. I said how can it be it was listed for today ( I was there when they opened at 10 am). She just looked at me and said I’m really sorry it has been dealt with. I said and what ? He’s got off with it. She said the cps offered no evidence. So the court system lied about the date of the case twice and it was held behind closed doors and dropped. I knew from the start this was just a smoke screen to take attention of the major players who are high up in the council. The whole case has been a farce from start to finish. The Police the council and the courts have all worked together and the end result as usual no charges. Stink’s of corruption. British justice its not what you know….its who you know!


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