Alan Norman – Chelmsford 

Chelmsford man Alan Norman jailed for six years for indecent assaults on boy in St Osyth. 

An elderly man has been jailed for six years after being found guilty of indecent assault on a boy.

Alan Norman, 78, from Chelmsford, was found guilty of four counts of indecent assault on a boy between June 2000 and March 2003.

He was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court on Thursday, July 27.

Norman was working at an amusement park in St Osyth at the time when he groomed his victim by allowing him to play games on the machines and a pool table for free.

The court was told Norman touched the boys genitalia over clothing approximately 30 to 40 times over the period of less than three years.

Julia Smart, defending, asked the court to consider Norman’s age and ill health and to consider that he no longer poses a threat to the public, after there were no reports of concern in the last six years while he was under extreme supervision following previous convictions for similar offences.

She said: “Having been released for his last offence in 2011 he has something of a complete change in behaviour.

“Back in the early 2000s, alcohol was a problem. That no longer exists. He also attends the local church and has been monitored in the last six and a half years or so and has been monitored by an officer.

“In that time there has been no cause for concern. In terms of his current position, he is now 78 with increasingly poor health with difficulty getting about.

“Norman suffers from a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease which makes it difficult for him to breathe properly.

“His life really is staying in the flat and occasionally trips to the church. This man is now very elderly, very frail, lives in sheltered accommodation, he has a very narrow lifestyle and alcohol is no longer a concern.

“There has been nothing in his behaviour in those years where no-one has had any concerns.”

After hearing statements from prosecutor Raj Joshi and the defendant’s counsel, Judge John Seeley addressed Mr Norman for sentencing but asked him to remain seated due to his ill health.

Judge Seeley said: “You groomed your victim, then seven or eight years old, by allowing free games on the machines and the pool table.

“He was a somewhat lonely and vulnerable boy.

“You claimed you did not know him or his family. You lied in your interview, you replayed that lie, there is no remorse.

“It is clear your offences had a devastating effect on your victim. Your position is significant, aggravated by the fact you have previous convictions.

“You do pose a significant risk of serious harm to the public, significantly children.”

Norman was sentenced to one year in prison for two counts of indecent assault and six years for another, to run concurrently with his sentence of six years in prison for count three.

He will be jailed for a total of six years.


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