Colin Chaston – Heybridge 

Maldon paedophile hoarded images of a child having sex with a dog. 

A Maldon man has admitted amassing a horde of indecent images of children on various devices after police searched his home.

Colin Chaston, 62, pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent photographs of a child when he appeared before Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court this morning (August 2).

The court heard how Chaston’s vile collection, which included images of a young girl having sexual activity with a dog, was discovered by police who executed a search warrant at his home in Wagtail Drive, Heybridge, on February 9.

Officers seized a Samsung notebook and a HP laptop on which they discovered both moving and still indecent images of children the notebook there were seven Category A moving images and one Category A still image, the most serious category, as well as three Category B still images. Having examined the laptop, police discovered eight moving images from Category A, two moving images from Category B, four moving images from Category C, as well as 10 still images from Category A.

Prosecutor Grace Court told the court a variety of search terms used by Chaston to find the horrid films and photos, which included ‘eight-year-old’, ’12-year-old’, and ‘girl model’.

Turning the nature of the images found on Chaston’s devices, Ms Court said: “There was involvement of a female child, aged eight to ten years, which involved a dog.

The majority of the images involved females.”

The court heard how Chaston had also searched for indecent images through Google on his mobile and that he viewed some material that he believed involved girls over the age of 18 engaged in the role playing characters of a much younger age.

Ms Court also informed Judge John Woollard that the defendant has no previous convictions and lives with his wife, who is of ill health.

As a pre-sentence report was required, Judge Woollard adjourned sentencing until August 30.

Before releasing Chaston on unconditional bail, he was warned that he had 48 hours to register as a sex offender with the police.


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