Jason Robert Carter – Known in Blackpool and Scotland 

Meet Jason Carter known in Blackpool and Scotland. 


Jason Carter was found guilty at Preston Crown court on June 16th 2017 for all charges of sexual assault against 3 children under the age 13.

Carter was sentenced to 4 years and 8 months and ordered to register as sex offender with a sexual harm prevention order attached indefinitely. 

Carter believes its ok to carry on regardless denying his crimes and convictions on giving infomation he was convicted of burglary and evidence seen he clearly was not. His whereabouts will be closely monitored upon his release as he wishes to venture back to Scotland. 

🅾️Areas Jason Robert Carter known to; 

Glasgow, Motherwell, North Lanarkshire and Blackpool🅾️
Magistrates January 2017 trial.. 

A Blackpool man alleged to have committed systematic sex offences against young boys has appeared at court.

Jason Carter of Blackpool faces eight charges involving boys aged under 13 .

Magistrates remanded the 23 year old in custody after being told he was to appear at Preston Crown Court on January 13 to face allegations involving other children.

Magistrates sent the latest charges to be heard on the same day at the higher court.



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