Kristoffer Round – formerly of Worcester

A SEX offender who flouted a court order by swimming in a pool with children has been jailed after another breach as a judge’s patience finally ran out.. 

Kristoffer Round, formerly of Worcester, was jailed at Worcester Crown Court on Friday after he admitted breaching a suspended sentence order.

The suspended sentence was imposed because Round breached a sexual harm prevention order by swimming in the pool at Pershore Leisure Centre in March. Judge Nicolas Cartwright imposed a six month prison suspended for two years in April, warning Round then that the order had ‘teeth’ and ‘may well come back to bite you’.

Round, aged 38, had been staying at an approved premises in Worcester called Braley House but was evicted after failing to abide by its rules. This placed him in breach of his suspended sentence order which stipulated residence at the hostel.

Round has also been subject to a sexual harm prevention order since February, 2013 which places a number of restrictions on him, including prohibiting him from having any contact with children under 16 other than that which is unavoidable in the course of daily life.

Colin Banham, prosecuting, said Round provided positive tests for alcohol, drugs and breached a curfew requirement in May. He also had a fight with another resident away from the premises.

Grace Wright, defending, said other residents there were using drink and drugs.

Round had since been helping on a farm at Hadzor, near Droitwich, where he had been living on a caravan.

She said: “He suffers from anxiety, depression and paranoia. Living on his own will assist him as he’s not under the influence of another offenders. It will give him a chance to sort himself out away from others that may be a bad influence upon him.

“He does think there were occasions when his drink was spiked with a drug called Black Mamba due to the type of environment he was living in.”

Judge Nicolas Cartwright told him he had previously failed to comply with notification requirements and breached the sexual harm prevention order again in 2016. “I made it clear that if you breached this crown court order you were at risk of the suspended sentence being activated.

He activated four of the six month suspended sentence.


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