Matthew Gell – Padstow, Cornwall

Plymouth University student jailed for sex assaults on men. 

Matthew Gell had “no remorse”, High Court judge Mr Justice James Dingemans said. 

Pervert who wanted to be a teacher jailed for sexual assault on two fellow students

Matthew Gell sneaked into the rooms of two sleeping students as they slept in their beds

A university student who sexually assaulted two men as they slept has been jailed for two years.

Matthew Gell, 22, of Casworth Terrace, Padstow, Cornwall, was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault.

Plymouth Crown Court heard he assaulted one man in September and the other in October.

One victim who woke up thought for 10 seconds thought it was his girlfriend performing a sex act until he felt Gell’s short hair, a court heard.

Ali Raffati, defending, said Plymouth University student Gell had tried to keep his bisexuality secret.

“Having consumed alcohol he could not control his urges. He overstepped the line by a mile,” he said.

High Court judge Mr Justice James Dingemans said he had “rarely heard such untruthful evidence” in a case and Gell had “no remorse”.

 “You no doubt hoped you would get away before they woke up,” he said.

Gell was placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.


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