James Dickson – originally from Canterbury

Paedophile James Dickson, originally from Canterbury, jailed for abusing children. 

A sex offender who convinced friends he was “loving and caring” has been given a 25-year extended jail sentence for vile sex attacks on two child victims.

Labourer James Dickson, 50, had tried to claim the youngsters and others who gave evidence had lied during his trial at Canterbury Crown Court but Judge Simon James has told him: “The reality is it was you who was the one who was living a lie.”

Dickson, who had lived in Canterbury, was found guilty of eight rape and sex assault charges, and had previously been convicted of possessing child sex images.

The judge ruled that he would have to serve two-thirds of a 20-year jail term before he can even apply for parole.

He then ordered an extra five years be added to his licence when he is eventually released.

Judge James added: “You persuaded friends and family that you were loving and caring when in reality you were engineering opportunities to indulge your deep-seated sexual attraction to children.

“That was further evidenced by your convictions for deliberately accessing images of child sexual abuse over the internet.”

The court heard that Dickson is still denying he carried out the attacks, which span almost 15 years and only came to light when one brave victim alerted her mother to an attack in Dover.

Detectives discovered similar attacks going back a number of years.

Judge James said: “This has resulted in a grave cause for concern because you have, in my judgement, shown no remorse or insight into how your actions have affected others.

“Your selfishness and failure to grasp how your actions impact on others shows you to be a man who shows concern for no one other than yourself.

“That leads me to conclude you are someone who poses a significant risk of causing future harm.

Dickson’s attacks have had a “permanent and negative effect” on both victims and their families, the court heard.

He was ordered to sign the Sex Offender’s Register and the judge imposed a sexual harm prevention upon his release.

“You persuaded friends and family that you were loving and caring when in reality you were engineering opportunities to indulge your deep-seated sexual attraction to children” – Judge Simon James, to Dickson. 

Dickson, who denied the rape and sex assault charges, said he was hoping to make a new life in Teeside when he is released.

An NSPCC spokesperson said: “Dickson tried to fool his friends and family but thanks to his victims’ bravery he has finally been brought to justice.

“It takes an enormous amount of courage for sexual abuse victims to speak out about their ordeal but by doing so one of his victims also helped uncover other attacks which Dickson probably thought he’d got away with.

“It’s important Dickson receives treatment as part of his sentence to ensure he doesn’t pose a risk to other children when he is released.”

After sentencing, investigating officer Detective Constable Spencer Albone said: “Dickson carried out horrible crimes on children and tried to deny it all.

“However he was brought before the court where the jury saw through his lies and he was exposed as the monster he really is. 

“The victims are thanked for their courage in supporting this case.

“At Kent Police our officers are trained to investigate abuse reported by victims of all ages, regardless of whether the abuse is more recent or happened in a different decade.

“We hope this result brings reassurance to anyone who wishes to report a similar crime, or who has concerns about a child being abused, that such reports can be made in confidence and will be fully investigated.”



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