Isaiah Morgan – Gillingham 

Teen rapist Isaiah Morgan, from Gillingham jailed for raping paralytic girl. 

Violence erupted outside a court after a teenager was locked up for raping a “paralytic” girl as she slept at a party.

Boxing enthusiast Isaiah Morgan had been sentenced to seven years youth custody when members of his family clashed with the victim and her family.

Security staff and police officers present moved swiftly to separate the two families.

Muscular Morgan, of Livingstone Road, Gillingham, denied rape but was convicted by a jury in May.

A judge told him when he appeared for sentence this week: “It was plain she was incapacitated and unable to consent to sexual activity. That was plain to everybody.”

Maidstone Crown Court heard the 17-year-old girl was “very drunk” at the party in Chatham in August 2015.

Morgan, then 17, kept putting his hand on her backside and kissing her, so she moved away.

“It was plain she was incapacitated and unable to consent to sexual activity. That was plain to everybody” – Judge Charles Macdonald QC

Friends became concerned she was drunk and falling over and decided to put her to bed.

“She was lying there dozing on her own when Mr Morgan came into the bedroom,” said prosecutor Dominic Connolly. “He didn’t say anything to her, but lay on her and pressed himself against her.

“He started to kiss her on the lips. Her friend came in and told him to leave, which he did.”

A group of men including Morgan and Silvio Ukaegbu, known as Prince, went into the bedroom. Morgan kept trying to get the girl to sit on his lap. 

A friend put her back on the bed and she fell asleep.

But she awoke to find Morgan on top of her kissing her. Her skirt had been lifted up to her waist. She was next aware of the bedroom door opening and her friend entering.

“Mr Morgan Immediately got off her and started pulling up his trousers,” said Mr Connolly. Morgan sprinted down the stairs and out of the house, followed by Ukaegbu.

Morgan, now 19, claimed the teenager was awake and consented to sex.

Ukaegbu, 19, of Redvers Road, Chatham, was alleged to have guarded the bedroom door to prevent anybody entering, but was acquitted of joint enterprise rape.

Judge Charles Macdonald QC said a pre-sentence report gave a disturbing insight into Morgan’s mentality. There was a continued denial, lack of insight and “victim blaming”.

“Clearly, there is no room for remorse here but the sentence will be no longer for that,” said the judge.

He added that the victim had suffered psychological harm.

The judge told Morgan his name would appear on the sex offenders’ register “for the rest of your life”.


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