Shane Barnbrook – Grays

Burglar and sex offender jailed after charity shop spree. 

Burglar jailed after charity shop spree. 

A burglar and sex offender who repeatedly targeted charity shops has been locked up for three years.

Shane Barnbrook broke into the Southend Hospital shop in Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff, on two occasions during a month-long spree – and 12 offences.

The 33-year-old pervert also failed to tell police where he was living, a condition he must abide by after previously being convicted of sexually assaulting a young girl.

Charlotte Davison, prosecuting, told Basildon Crown Court that Barnbrook, who lives in Grays, was caught after repeatedly leaving his fingerprints at crime scenes.

She said: “He’s not just walking past these properties and seeing they are insecure and going in. He’s going there with his tools. The fact that he’s re-targeting them suggests a degree of planning. There are a number of offences against charity shops.”

Barnbrook broke into the Love and Kisses card shop in Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff, on May 5, returning again a few days later. He stole £210 in cash.

He targeted the Il Pescatore restaurant in Queen’s Road, Southend, a few days later, stealing £60.

Barnbrook caused £200 worth of damage breaking into the Southend Hospital charity shop on consecutive days, but nothing was stolen.

He did steal a charity box containing £5 from the Children’s Society, Elm Road, Leigh, and £50 from another charity in Hamlet Court Road, after smashing a back window. The crook also caused £1,000 worth of damage breaking into Chic, in Rectory Grove, Leigh.

Parm Panesar, mitigating, said Barnbrook is a drug addict who had fallen into debt with dealers and the offences were relatively minor.

The court also heard Barnbrook had stolen an iPhone from his ex-partner. He admitted all the offences.

Recorder John Coffey QC said Barnbrook “targeted vulnerable premises” and either stole “significant sums of money or caused significant damage”.

He jailed Barnbrook for a total of 32 months for the burglaries and four months for the theft and the failure to notify police of his address.


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