Mark Grayson aka Jales – Wells

July 2017

Convicted paedophile opens law service to help parents win children back in custody battles

A convicted paedophile is helping parents to win back their children in court custody battles.

Mark Grayson, 54, set up his service after being freed from a jail sentence for molesting choirboys.

Parents in family court cases pay £300 for his support as a McKenzie Friend – an aide who does not need formal legal qualifications.

This is despite him being on the sex offenders’ register until 2024.

He has changed his surname from Jales, under which he was jailed for a year in 2014 for indecent assault.

He was in a five-man ring who targeted choirboys aged seven to 14 at a church in Sydenham, South London, during the 1970s and 80s.

Boys were groomed with booze and presents, then molested.

A source said: “He’s put himself in a position of trust by claiming he can help parents get their children back. But what about the kids whose lives his gang has ruined? It’s disgusting.”

Following his jail release, the former funeral director launched his firm Graysons Legal, in Rochester, Kent, after changing his surname.

One of the services he offers is regaining contact with children.

A testimonial apparently left by a client reads: “Wow! I couldn’t believe it when I got my daughter back in my life and all thanks to the hard work you put in. Once again, a big heatfelt thank you.”

Grayson admitted he changed his name to fly under the radar and launch his law firm 18 months ago.

He said police were fully aware of his work and added he did not have direct contact with children.

He claimed he was convicted on a “technicality” and that he would soon be moving to Spain, where he would not be working in law.

Our database can also exclusively reveal that Jales is also offering ‘1 to 1’  English teaching lessons on Skype for foreign students. 

Picture taken from UK database site

For more on: Sydenham church paedophile ring members jailed – Click this link

September 2014

Mark Jales funeral director in child abuse scandal

A FORMER Wells funeral director was a member of a paedophile ring jailed on Friday for sexually abusing four young boy choristers who were “groomed” with alcohol, pornography and other lures.

Mark Jales, 51, of Lower Godney, Wells, was sent down for 12 months after being convicted of one count of indecent assault, committed in the late 1970s and 1980s when he was a hearse driver for a firm of undertakers in Sydenham, south east London.

The families of the boys were unaware the youngsters, all aged from seven to 14 years-old, were being preyed upon until decades later when one of them reported the abuse.

The other men involved were:

IT company director and former funeral director Phillip Tuffill, 55, of Redhill, who received 14 years.

Timothy Fuller, 53, of Stoke-on-Trent, who received six years.

Robert Lawty, 55, of Woking, who received five years in his absence after being rushed to hospital with a suspected overdose when convicted the day before.

Ian Coulthart, 62, of Brighton, who received three-and-a-half years.

A sixth defendant, Gerald Heather, of Swindon, was cleared of three counts involving two of the boys.

The victims were pupils at St Bartholemew’s Primary School, Sydenham, and sang in the St Bartholemew’s Church choir, which was run by convicted paedophile Tony Brockhurst, a funeral director who killed himself about five years ago, aged 80.

As he passed sentence, Croydon Crown Court Judge Jeremy Gold QC told defendants : “I don’t know if you know or care of the damage you have done, but it’s been long-lasting. This was a gross and cynical abuse of power.”

Tuffill, who shared a house with Fuller in Gowland Place, Beckenham, was an employee of the undertakers where Brockhurst had been a funeral director – H Copeland & Sons – and Jales was one of their drivers. Tuffill, Heather and Coulthart were all members of the choir.

The jury was told of one former choirboy who was initially groomed by Brockhurst when aged only 11 and then abused by some of the defendants.

“He was a lonely little boy looking for warmth and attention and was groomed, including being given alcohol, and abused for three years,” explained Miss Rosina Cottage QC.

“Tuffill began to abuse him a year after he joined the choir,” she added, informing the jury the defendant had sex with the boy after inviting him to his home where he was given alcohol and treated to a Chinese meal.

Miss Cottage continued : “The boy thought it was his purpose and the way of his relationships with these men.

“They were men trusted by the parents, they were connected to the church and the choir and there was no question about their integrity. They learned how to choose their victims and groom them so they would not say: ‘no’.”

One of the victims had described churchgoer Jales as a “hanger-on.”

He was said to have laid out pornography on a bed before undressing the youngster and abusing him.

“It was furtive and it was squalid,” recalled the complainant.

The offences by all the defendants were said to have spanned the period from January 14, 1977 to October 27, 1986.

Jales had pleaded not guilty.

In recent years Jales ran a funeral directors on Priory Road in Wells.

The business went bust in October 2013 leaving a string of unpaid bills, after the Diocese of Bath and Wells and other funeral directors raised doubts about his business practices.

He also ran a counselling business as well as an alcohol treatment programme in Wells an Castle Cary.

Sydenham paedophile ring linked to church choir jailed for years of sex abuse

Ian Coulthart pictured above

Robert Lawty pictured above

Philip Tuffill pictured above

Timothy Fuller pictured above

Mark Jales pictured above


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