John Bell – Newcastle 

Paedophile told six-year-old rape victim to bite pillow during sexual abuse campaign

Abuser John Bell sentenced to 17 years in prison 

John Bell was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court Northumbria Police. 

A paedophile was causing a six-year-old boy such pain while raping him he told the child to bite a pillow, a court has heard.

John Bell, 30 of Throckley, Newcastle, was jailed for 17 years after being convicted of a six charges of rape of a young child.

The boy was left so traumatised he no longer plays with other children. 

Bell, a mechanic, groomed the youngster, buying him sweets and taking him on motorbike trips, the court heard. 

“There is evidence of exceptional psychological harm to him,” Jo Kidd, prosecuting, said of Bell’s victim, the Daily Mail reported. 

The court heard Bell knew the child had been raped by another man before he began his campaign of abuse.

But he proceeded to groom the boy and then raped him repeatedly.

“This was a course of conduct where you abused him on a regular basis,” Judge Edward Bindloss told Bell when he sentenced him at Newcastle Crown Court, the newspaper reported. 

“You physically hurt him when you raped him and you told him to bite the pillow,” he added.

Bell has maintained his innocence.


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