Scott Henderson – Perth 

A BUSINESSMAN who claimed he downloaded 10,000 child abuse images – including baby rape – “by accident” has been jailed.

Perth laundry owner Scott Henderson had baby rape images and kept a haul of extreme animal porn at his home and business. 

Paedophile businessman Scott Henderson. 

Henderson – whose home overlooks a primary school – was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life at Perth Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis said: “Having regard to the number of images, custody is inevitable.”

Henderson said he had downloaded the vast stash of sickening images by accident, but then bizarrely claimed he had done it as part of a plan to self-harm.

Solicitor David Holmes, defending, said: “He gives an explanation which is that it was effectively a means of self-harm.

“He could not bear the thought of causing harm to himself because his parents would see themselves as being responsible.

“What he thought he would do is commit the offence and be sent to custody and harm would then befall him in custody because of the nature of his offending.”

When police raided his home acting on a tip-off, Henderson admitted he was interested in extreme images of animals having sex with people.

But he told the officers that if they found any child abuse videos it must have been downloaded by accident.

However, a forensic search of the computer equipment at his home and his office laptop recovered 9,280 images and 48 videos of the most graphic child abuse material.

The videos had a playing time of several hours and the court was told the images featured young children and even babies being sexually abused.

Fiscal depute John Malpass told the court: “He lives alone at 8 Abbot Street and is the owner and operator of a laundry business at 7 Abbot Street.

“Information was received by police that a device linked to the accused’s home address was involved in the distribution of indecent images of children.

“A warrant was obtained and during a search of the house various items of computer equipment were seized. A laptop was also recovered from his business premises.

“He stated the devices were his and no-one else had access to them. He admitted he viewed all sorts of graphic material.

“He said he used all sorts of adult pornography and got sexual gratification from videos depicting females and dogs.

“He said any images of children had been accidentally downloaded and he had not got round to deleting them.

“The images were of female and male children of all ages up to 16.” Mr Malpass said two images showed babies being raped.

The prosecutor told the court that Henderson was also found with a further 1,511 videos and images of children which were “concerning” but did not count as indecent.

Henderson had videos of women involved in sexual activity with dogs and horses and had a video of a young child being seriously sexually assaulted by a dog.

Henderson, 38, Abbot Street, Perth, admitted making indecent images of children between 12 November 2013 and 21 July 2016.

He also admitted having extreme animal sex videos between 14 August 2014 and 19 August 2016.

An “under new management” sign was hastily placed in the window of the launderette after Henderson admitted the offences.


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