WANTED Sean Perry – Leicester / spotted in Leeds 

POLICE are hunting a double rapist caged for life for kidnapping a schoolgirl at a bus stop after he went on the run for a second time – from a bail hostel. 

Sean Perry, 46, fled after he was released on licence – despite previously escaping from an open prison

The rapist, who has  was caged for life in December 2002 after he kidnapped a 14-year-old schoolgirl from a bus stop in Leeds.

Perry, who had been jailed twice before for rape, grabbed the terrified victim by her hair and dragged her to a dark alleyway and put his hand over her face.

He only stopped when a boy playing in a nearby garden alerted his grandfather who shouted at him to stop and he fled.

When he was jailed – using his other name Cawthray – Judge James Spencer told him he was a threat to women.

After his early release from prison last year for the sickening crime, he was housed in a bail hostel in Leicester city centre.

But the authorities admit he has not been seen since 2pm on June 19.

It has since emerged Perry has a history of running away and in December 2013 a manhunt was launched when he fled Leyhill Open Prison in Tortworth, Glos.

He had previously been jailed for four years at Leeds Crown Court in 1990 for raping a 15-year-old girl and for attempted rape.

Just months after his early release from prison, he raped a 20-year-old woman while he was studying art at De Montford University in Leicester.

He was jailed for eight years in 1993.


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