Ken Waters – Haverfordwest 

Haverfordwest businessman Ken Waters found guilty of three sex charges.

Next Court hearing October 2017 –  update below picture of Kenneth Waters

Haverfordwest businessman jailed for eight years for child sex attacks

October 27th 2017

Haverfordwest businessman Kenneth Waters has been jailed this afternoon (Friday) for eight years for a series of sexual assaults on a young girl.

Waters, of Fishguard Road, sobbed in the dock at Swansea crown court as Judge Paul Thomas told him he had taken “every opportunity” to abuse her and then blackened her name by calling her a liar.

The court heard that it was “likely” that Waters’ Home Electronics store in Snowdrop Lane would not survive and three part time workers would lose their jobs.

Waters, 72 this week, had been convicted of seven offences of sexual assault on an underage girl following two trials. He had denied all the offences.

His barrister, Nigel Fryer, said Waters’ business was now “perilously close” to collapse.

Before Judge Thomas announced the sentence the court heard in a victim impact statement that the girl said she still suffered the effects of the abuse more than 10 years later.

Judge Thomas said Waters had had the nerve to describe the girl as “sick” when when most people would believe that applied to him.

“You tried to blacken her name to save your own skin. And you have not shown one iota of remorse,” added the judge.

Judge Thomas said he accepted that the sentence would affect Waters’ business but said he had enjoyed a standing in the town that had been undeserved.

Waters was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The juries had heard how, years after the abuse, the girl recorded a telephone conversation with Waters in which he apologised for what he had done.

Waters said the girl had tried to blackmail him by threatening to make false allegations against him unless he gave her “huge amounts of money.”


Trial details in January 2017….

Haverfordwest businessman Ken Waters found guilty of three sex charges.

A jury at Swansea crown court has failed to agree verdicts on the remaining five allegations of sexual assault against Haverfordwest businessman Kenneth Waters.

Earlier today (Friday) the jury returned guilty verdicts in respect of three similar offences.

Judge Paul Thomas granted the Crown Prosecution Service seven days to decide whether to request a retrial on the outstanding charges.

Waters will be sentenced after the legal process has ended.

Earlier this week Waters, who ran an electrical goods shop in Snowdrop Lane, claimed the girl involved had threatened to “go to the police” unless he gave her money.

But the girl, now in her 20s, said she managed to tape record a telephone conversation in which he is said to have confessed to touching her indecently when she was aged 13.

Waters, of Highfield Manor, had denies nine charges of sexual assault.

The alleged victim told a jury at Swansea crown court how on one occasion Waters drove her to Newgale beach and told her to take her trousers down, which she did.

She said Waters, aged 70, took down his own trousers and told her he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

She said he touched her sexually but suddenly stopped when a car “full of girls” arrived and he drove off with his trousers still around his ankles.

Waters told the jury he had never kissed or touched her.

“I have never exposed myself to her or touched her sexually,” he said.

He agreed he once drove her to a beach but is wasn’t Newgale and nothing of a sexual nature had happened.

Years later, he said, she telephoned him demanding “lots of money to keep her mouth shut,” he added.

“She threatened to come to the shop and tell all my customers I was a paedophile.

“She said she would get sandwich boards made and walk around town with Ken Waters is a paedophile written on them.

“She telephoned me eighty times in one day. It was doing my head in.”

Waters said he apologised to her during the recorded telephone call only “to get her off my back” even though he had nothing to apologise for.


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