Danny John Samworth – of Barleycorn in Leybourne

Leybourne sex offender in court after holiday left him in breach of order. 

A convicted sex offender has appeared in court after failing to notify authorities of his details – claiming he was confused after booking a holiday last year.

Danny John Samworth, of Barleycorn in Leybourne, appeared before Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court yesterday (July 4) accused of failing to comply with notification requirements of the sex offenders register.

The court heard how Samworth had a previous conviction for gross indecency in 2005 and was placed on the sex offenders register.

Danny Samworth has appeared in court after failing to update his details

Due to his previous conviction, Samworth was required to notify the relevant authorities of his details on or before January 24 every year.

The defendant had informed police of his decision to take a holiday on June 27 last year and had assumed that the clock would be re-set and he would not have to update his details until 12 months after that date.

Miss Eleanor Dobson defending said: “There has been some confusion on his part. The last time Mr Samworth went to police was in June last year.

“He was under the impression that the clock would be re-set. He has not committed anymore criminal offences and it is a shame that the matter had to come to court.”

Chairman of the Bench, Davis Smith, said: “However technical a breach this is, it is still a breach. You will be fined £648 with a surcharge of £65. You will also pay costs of £85.”



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