John Fitzpatrick – Glasgow 

Army Cadets officer allowed to return to barracks despite being accused of abusing recruits. 

March 2016 


John Fitzpatrick picture of 1980’s and left outside court 2016. 
PAEDOPHILE John Fitzpatrick attacked two teenage boys after being probed about his behaviour at the Glasgow Highlanders battalion in the 1980s.

AN Army Cadets officer was let back into his unit despite being accused of abusing his young recruits.

John Fitzpatrick, 58, was investigated about his behaviour with teenage boys in his care in the 80s but was allowed to return to the Glasgow Highlanders battalion, based at the city’s Hotspur Street barracks.

He later went on to attack two teenage boys during a sleepover at his flat.

One of Fitzpatrick’s most recent victims said: “I’m very disappointed in the cadets. He was suspended previously and they allowed him to return, then this happens to us.”

He spoke out as the paedophile, of Glasgow’s Hillhead, was convicted of lewd and libidinous behaviour against him and three other boys aged 12 and 13 between May 1987 and August 1989. Sentencing was deferred.

Fitzpatrick encouraged the youngster to stay overnight at the barracks with him with the promise of new equipment.

Another victim, who reported the cadet officer to police after suffering a flashback almost 25 years after the attacks, urged others to come forward.

He said: “He was part of the cadets for years so there must be more victims.”

The victim was invited round to Fitzpatrick’s flat in the late 80s. While there, he was given alcohol and allowed to watch pornographic videos with a group of his friends.

He said it was common knowledge that Fitzpatrick would allow them to do this and he thought it would be fun to stay there overnight. But he later woke up to find the pervert touching him.

Despite this, he stayed over on three more occasions, each time wearing more clothes to try to stop Fitzpatrick – but he was attacked three more times in similar circumstances to the first.

The victim was too scared to quit because his parents had spent a lot of money on his uniform.

Fitzpatrick denied guilt throughout his trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court but a jury convicted him of four charges.

Two charges related to allowing two boys to drink alcohol and inducing them to watch pornography, and two related to the abuse of the others.

It emerged he has a previous conviction for indecent assaults from 1993.

The Army Cadet Force said: “We can assure parents and the public that any suggestions of improper conduct are dealt with swiftly and robustly. This is a legacy case involving incidents which happened almost 30 years ago.

“All cadet officers, adult volunteer instructors and staff members who work with cadets are required to undergo rigorous disclosure procedures.”


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