Thomas Old – Bournemouth 

EVIL BULLY Monster rapist only battered his girlfriend above the hairline so no-one could spot her bruises. 

During sexual assaults the victim would be stripped naked, bound and sometimes gagged in a flat. 

AN evil bully reckoned no-one would spot the bruises when he battered his girlfriend’s head…he made sure he always landed the blows above her hairline.

Brutish tyrant Thomas Old, 26, craftily banked on her flowing locks hiding the savage marks – but justice has finally caught up with him.

Thomas Old, 26, is expected out in 2035 …if he gets parole. 

Now the thug’s prison sentence has been extended for beating and raping the terrified woman over a two-year period.

He has been caged for 18 years to run concurrently with a 13-and-a-half year jail term he is already serving.

That was for a horrific and shocking attack on another young mum back in 2013, whom he stripped, gagged and beat while her two-year-old daughter was in the next room.

After learning Old had been jailed for that brutal attack, the victim in the latest case, who had been terrified to tell police what had happened to her, plucked up the courage and came forward, and he was charged.

Now he’s been found guilty of multiple counts of rape, assault by beating and assault by penetration involving her.

The offences against her took place between October 2008 and May 2011, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

He’s been handed the 18-year sentence, which means if he doesn’t get parole, he will be locked behind bars until 2035, when he will be 44-years-old.

The court heard the attacks began with beatings and then escalated to sexual assaults in the final four months.

Bournemouth crown court heard how the victim came forward after hearing about a previous case. 

During these sexual assaults the victim would be stripped naked, bound and sometimes gagged in a flat in Bournemouth.

Old, of Shaftesbury Road, Bournemouth, would then rape her while still continuing to beat her – but he was “careful” when it came to the blows he delivered.

He craftily made sure to hit her “just within the hairline” so the bruising wasn’t seen.

Sometimes following the attacks, he would leave her tied up for hours to “give her time to calm down”, the court was told.

She told police how, once he had “punished” her, he said he could “trust her again”.


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