Steven Stalled – Paisley


 Paisley paedo who admitted having sex with a 14-year-girl is spared jail despite grooming another schoolgirl. 

Beast Steven Stalley, 28, was facing up to five years behind bars after he admitted targeting the teenager but is instead banned from contacting children. 

A PAEDO who admitted bedding a 14-year-old girl has been spared jail for grooming another 14-year-old.

Sick Steven Stalley, 28, was facing up to five years behind bars after he admitted targeting the teenager on Facebook last January.

Stalley dodged jail despite admitting grooming a 14-year-old girl on Facebook

But he dodged prison when he appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court today.

The victim – who can’t be named for legal reasons – told him she was only 14 but the creep replied: “That don’t bother me at all.”

Stalley – who posted a picture on Facebook of him wearing a “body off Baywatch, face off Crimewatch” t-shirt, which was also emblazoned with the word “sleazeball” – begged the girl to add him on the popular social media site.

Sleazy Stalley told the schoolgirl she looked “about 18” and said she was “bloody beautiful” and “sexy as f***” as he begged her to add him as a friend.

Despite knowing she was under 16, he continued to send the youngster explicit messages.

In one, Stalley – who went on trial in 2014 charged with raping a schoolgirl but cleared after he told a jury they had consensual sex – said: “You have the hottest legs ever babe would like them wrapped around me right now.”

And, in another, he called the child “sexy legs.”

He walked free today

But she rejected his advances and told her mum, leading to the police being called and him being charged.

Stalley admitted his guilt over the illicit contact in January this year, pleading guilty to breaking Section 34(1) of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 by intentionally sending sexual messages to the girl through Facebook messenger over a nine-day period whilst she was under 16.

The court heard Stalley is in prison for a Glasgow Sheriff Court case which has a Supervised Release Order attached, meaning he will be monitored in the community once released from custody.

In February, Sheriff James Spy said: “I want a better picture of what’s going to be in place for him in terms of his Supervised Release Order.

“I’ll consider whether or not I can let you out in terms of this matter or whether I have to give you another sentence.”

And, when Stalley returned to the dock today, he was spared prison.

Sheriff Spy placed him on a Community Payback Order (CPO), which will see him supervised by social workers and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 30 months.

His CPO is due to begin in around two weeks when he is released.

The Sheriff also told Stalley to take part in the Moving Forward, Making Changes Programme, which seeks to help sex offenders change their ways.

Stalley was banned from contacting children under the age of 18, told to attend counselling for alcohol and drug abuse, banned from owning any device capable of storing digital images, banned from deleting his internet search history, and is not allowed to own or use the internet “unless prior approval is given” by his supervisor.

But Stalley was not told to carry out any unpaid hours of work in the community – often referred to as the “punishment” element of a CPO.

And his CPO is due to begin in around two weeks, when he is released from that sentence.

In May 2014 Stalley walked free from the High Court in Paisley after bedding a 14-year-old girl he had seduced at a flat in Paisley.

Prosecutors claimed he raped the youngster, who can’t be named for legal reasons, by repeatedly ignoring her pleas to stop once they started having sex in 2012.

The girl told the jury they began having sex but said it became too painful so she asked Stalley to stop.

After her encounter with Stalley she told police he refused to stop and the consensual sex became a rape.

Dr Deborah Wardle, a medical consultant for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, examined the teen after the alleged sex attack and told the court the injuries to her private parts were among the worst she had ever seen.

But after being told Stalley thought the girl was 16 and stopped having sex with her after she asked, the jury cleared him of all wrongdoing.


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