Jordan Barrigan – Martin Close, Palacefields

A TEENAGER was locked up three years for rape after forcing a young woman to perform a sex act on him.

Jordan Barrigan, 19, pleaded guilty to the charge in April ahead of his trial which was due to take place this month.

Karl Scholz, prosecuting, told Warrington Crown Court the assault happened when Barrigan was 18.

He was said to have made sexual demands of his victim which were refused and he then assaulted her. She managed to break free and told him to ‘get away’.

Barrigan, of Martin Close, Palacefields, later contacted her online to say ‘sorry’, then backtracked and implied the activity had been consensual.

When interviewed he maintained that his victim had been a willing party and that he had stopped when asked, then claimed someone else had written the online messages.

Judge Nicholas Woodward, presiding, turned down a request for a Sexual Harm Prevention Order to be made against Barrigan but approved a restraining order and said the offence qualified for the sex offenders register.

The court heard he had no previous convictions.

Jeremy Rawson, defending, appealed to the judge for clemency because of his client’s young age at the time of the offence, his clean record, his guilty plea and character references.

An initial request from Mr Rawson for an interim assessment indicating that Barrigan could be tested for autism on the advice of a speech and language expert was dropped as there was no existing diagnosis.

Jailing him, Judge Woordward said: “You have no previous convictions, you are still very young, although you were 18 at the time.

“There’s an intermediary report in this case but there’s never been any diagnosis that you have any disorder.”

Another count of rape which Barrigan was charged with was ordered to lie on file.


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