Hugh Sim – Renfrew

Paedophile locked up for eight years at the High Court after abusing three-year-old girl

Renfrew man Hugh Sim, 30, was caught via a police operation in New Zealand


This man sexually abused a terrified toddler in a seedy Renfrewshire flat.


Renfrew paedophile caught in chat room jailed

Sim was traced after police in New Zealand investigated images posted in a paedophile chat group.

A paedophile who filmed himself abusing a three-year-old girl and posted the images online has been jailed for eight years.

Hugh Sim, 30, from Renfrew, was caught after the pictures were spotted in a chat group by police in New Zealand.

He was convicted of sexually abusing the girl, and making and distributing indecent photos.
Sentencing him at Glasgow High Court, the judge said the damage to his victim was “catastrophic”.

‘No remorse’

Sim was assessed as being at a high-risk of re-offending and will be monitored in the community for two years after his release.

Judge Johanna Johnston told him: “You photographed and filmed abuse which took place many times for your sexual gratification. These images were distributed online and found by police in New Zealand.

“The damage you have caused to that little girl is catastrophic and she now has difficulty forming attachments.”

The judge said Sim had done his best to conceal his actions and added: “Had it not been for the work of the police in this country and the authorities in New Zealand your offences may never have come to light.

“You have shown no remorse and continue to protest your innocence.”

The 30-year-old had denied he was the person in the images, but a former lover identified him by his heavyset build and ginger hair.

During a police inquiry in New Zealand into the members of the paedophile chat group it was established that one of the users had logged on from the UK and an internet search uncovered the subscriber as Sim.

Defence counsel Susan Duff said: “He accepts that he has been convicted of these offences, but maintains his position of claiming he is not guilty.”

Sim was placed on the sex offenders register.


The little girl was repeatedly assaulted in the filthy flat by Hugh Sim, who also satisfied his vile desires by making and sharing shocking images of child abuse with other perverts in New Zealand.

A paedophile repeatedly sexually assaulted a toddler over two years at his dingy flat.

Hugh Sim, 30, even abused the little girl as she clutched her Iggle Piggle dolly.

Sickening films revealed the fiend continued to molest the tot on camera even as she begged “no”.

Sim was yesterday found guilty of repeatedly assaulting the tot and making and distributing indecent images during a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Judge Johanna Johnston QC locked him up to protect the public and warned he faces a prison stint.

She explained: “You have been convicted of a number of serious sexual offences.

“You will be subject to the provisions of the Sex Offenders’ Register.

“It is not appropriate for you to be at liberty.”

Sim – who started attacking the girl when she was just three – looked shocked as he was handcuffed and led down to the cells.

He had originally been charged with raping the girl, but that charge was withdrawn by the Crown.

The court earlier heard he made vile photos and movies of the youngster in the living room and toilet of his flat in Renfrew.

He was snared after police brought down a social media group used to swap sex abuse images in New Zealand.

Pictures and videos recovered showed Sim tugging at the tot’s nightie as she pleads him to stop.

In another, she is forced to pout with her finger to her lips.

An ex-girlfriend fought back tears as she identified his privates in photographs and movies taken in the flat.

She said: “I saw Hugh’s penis and hand.

“I know it’s his, I know what his looks like, I was with him for six years.”

She insisted a man’s voice heard in the clips belonged to her former partner.

But she insisted there was “nothing to give any suspicion” he was abusing the girl between September 2013 and October 2015.

Detective Constable Christopher Hughes, 37, visited the property during an indecent images probe and recognised the interior from seized material.

He said: “She was quite a small child, I would say approximately four or five, with a slim build and fair skin.

“When I entered the living room, I immediately identified the wallpaper and decor as being the same as the images I had viewed from New Zealand.”

Officers told how the “unkempt” flat was strewn with mountains of clothing, including tracksuit bottoms, boxers and socks worn by the creep when he molested the girl on camera

Sim used a black LG smartphone gifted to him by Ms McVey for his birthday three years ago to take some of the photographs and videos.

He was arrested after a social media group sharing child sex abuse images was taken down in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Paedophile Drew Webb, who was just 18 when he was caught, ran the group and was caught with material linked to the flat in Renfrew.

Police raided Sim’s home after internet provider Talk Talk confirmed a unique IP address used to register a Kik Messenger profile found with the pictures originated there.

The jury of nine women and six men took around three hours to unanimous convict him on five charges, including sexual assault, forcing the girl into sexual activity and taking and distributing indecent images.

He will be sentenced on June 20.


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