Mitchell Jones – Nyton Road, Aldingbourne near Chichester

Man who admitted sexual activity with girls jailed. 

A man has been jailed after admitting to having sexual activity with girls he met via social media.

Mitchell Jones, 23, of Nyton Road, Aldingbourne near Chichester, admitted three counts of sexual activity with a child aged 14 and one count of sexual activity with a child aged 15 at Portsmouth Crown court earlier this year.

The charges related to his offending against a 14-year old girl in Chichester over three months in early 2015, and also with a girl aged 15 in Hampshire around the same time.

Jones was today sentenced to 54 months in prison.

Responding to the sentence, an NSPCC spokesperson said: “Jones purposefully targeted his young victims via a social media platform and exploited them for his own sexual gratification.

“His calculated and predatory actions will have had a devastating impact on his victims and we hope they are receiving the right help and support to move forward with their lives.

“Internet safety is an escalating child protection issue, so it is vital that we continue to educate young people in staying safe online.

“Parents and carers can get tips and advice on all current online and social media platforms by visiting the NSPCC’s NetAware guide.”. 

Speaking after Jones admitted the offences, Detective Constable David Midgley said: “Jones contacted the girls separately via social media and, despite knowing their ages, exploited them for his sexual gratification.”

Anyone with concerns on learning this and similar cases can contact Sussex Police via or call 101.


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