Alex Ferguson – Westheath Avenue, Sunderland

Nappy pervert spared jail after sexually assaulting a child


The case was heard at Newcastle Crown Court.

Friday 14 April 2017

A man with a nappy obsession has been spared jail after sexually assaulting a young child.

Alex Ferguson made the girl wear a nappy before touching her over the top of the material.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how the 31-year-old constructed the nappy out of a blanket and put it on over her clothing.

Judge Robert Adams told the court how the girl told him to stop it as he was making her feel ‘sad’.

The court heard how Ferguson, from Westheath Avenue, Sunderland, denied the allegation right up until the day of trial.

He then pleaded guilty to two specimen counts of sexual assault against a child.

Joe Hedworth, defending, told the judge that Ferguson would not receive the help he needed if he was sent to prison.

He said: “He is someone who requires specialist intervention from the sex offenders programme to reduce his risk of offending and risk to the public.”

Judge Robert Adams told Ferguson:

“It’s a very unusual case, it’s undoubtedly very serious.

“Your behaviour has caused significant upset.

“She is very sad and depressed at what you have done, it’s changed her life. “You are now admitting the sexual motive for your behaviour, you have expressed remorse and are now fully admitting what you have done.

“You don’t deny it, you still have this obsession.”

Judge Adams sentenced Ferguson to two years in prison suspended for two years with programme requirements.

Ferguson was also ordered abide by a sex offender’s prevention order and sign the sex offender’s register, both for ten years.


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