Rhys Beaumont – Hull

Paedophile, 27, who had sex with a 14-year-old schoolgirl at a drugs den after plying her with cigarettes and telling her he loved her is jailed for three years. 

Rhys Beaumont gave the schoolgirl, 14, cigarettes before having sex with her

He told her he loved her and ‘said nice things to her’ and took her to a drugs den. 

Others in the house gave her vodka and cannabis before he slept with her. 

The paedophile has been jailed for three years by a judge at Hull Crown Court. 

Rhys Beaumont arriving at Hull Crown Court, where he admitted two counts of sexual activity with a child. 

A paedophile who plied a girl with cigarettes before having sex with her in a drugs den has been jailed for three years.

Rhys Beaumont told the 14-year-old he loved her before the pair slept together at the den in Hull. 

The teenage girl told her mother she was staying at a friend’s house, but spend the night with Beaumont, then 27.

Other people in the house gave her vodka and cannabis, a court heard, and she was found in bed by her sister the next morning, naked from the waist down.  

When they got home, the girl confirmed she had had sex with Beaumont, Hull Crown Court heard.

Her upset mother and sister called the police.   

Philip Standfast, prosecuting, said the girl said she had met Beaumont in the street, and after buying her cigarettes, he ‘called her nice names and told her he loved her’.

Beaumont and the girl had unprotected sex three times.

He told her he ‘would look after any child until she was 16’ and told her not to tell anyone.

Mr Standfast said the girl said it was ‘not the first time she’d had sex with the defendant’.

Days earlier, Beaumont called the girl and her friend ‘beautiful and asked them both to have sex, but her friend didn’t because of the defendant’s age’.

The victim said she was ‘scared but kind of wanted sex to take place’.

They had also had unprotected sex three times on that occasion.

Beaumont declined to answer questions in two police interviews, the second taking place after his DNA was found in the girl’s underwear.

Beaumont, now 29, from Hull, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child.

Mark McKone, for Beaumont, said: ‘The defendant’s position is he doesn’t accept being previously told by the complainant she was 14.

Beaumont, now 29, was jailed by a judge at Hull Crown Court, above, after admitting the charges. His DNA had been found in the girl’s underwear

‘He accepts that by not asking and taking into account her appearance, it was unreasonable of him to conclude that she was 16.’

Mr McKone said Beaumont began taking drugs after losing work through injury.

He said: ‘His arrest for these offences has caused him to behave more maturely. He realised how his life was spiralling out of control.

‘He has detoxified and is now drugs-free. He’s committed to his partner.’

Jailing Beaumont for 35 months, Judge David Tremberg told him: ‘The reason why the age of consent is 16 is that the law regards anyone under that age as lacking the capacity to make a reasoned judgement about the merits, advantages, pitfalls, and especially the consequences, of sexual activity.

‘The law therefore exists to protect sexually precocious children from themselves, as much as it tries to protect them from adults who might take advantage of it.

‘In my judgement, this offending is so serious that only and immediate custodial sentence is appropriate for it.

‘You risked her becoming pregnant, you risked infection. You have no cognitive deficiencies. This was repeated offending.

‘The key message the court has to send out is, if you’re an adult and you take advantage of a child in this way, then you are going to get locked up, I’m afraid.’

Beaumont must register as a sex offender for life.

As he was led away to the cells, a woman who accompanied him to court said from the public gallery: ‘Rhys, write to me as soon as you get in there.’ 



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