Ramin Hajhashem – Southampton

Father jailed for raping woman. 

A FATHER wept in court as he was sentenced for raping a woman on two separate occasions in Southampton.

Ramin Hajhashem, 37, sexually assaulted the woman in 2009 and 2012 whilst living in the city.

Southampton Crown Court heard that he also attempted to rape the woman moments before the incident in 2012.

Hajhashem was sentenced to 12 years behind bars following an eight-day trial.

Prosecuting, Simon Jones, said the events had ruined the victim’s life.

“I keep remembering all the things he did to me,” the victim’s impact statement read.

“I may not be able to continue my studies as I am too afraid to leave my home.

“I am frightened to commence a proper relationship with another man; the (incidents) have left me with an inability to deal with everyday life.”

She added: “I hope the sentence the court passes makes him realise what he did to me was wrong and eventually he will leave me alone and let me get on with my life.”

It was heard that Hajhashem, pictured, moved to Southampton from Iran in 2006; he then travelled back to the country in 2012, prompting his victim to contact the authorities and report the crimes.

The father-of-one then, for reasons unknown, moved back to the UK in September last year and was later arrested.

Mr Jones added: “It was only when he (the defendant) was out of the country that the victim could go to the police and tell them he sexually abused her.”

During mitigation Hajhashem sobbed as Jodie Mittel, defending, read out her client’s letter to the judge – it noted that he was worried for his family in Iran.

Judge John Price condemned the 37-year-old’s actions before passing sentence.



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