David Heath – from Sawbridgeworth, Essex #bestiality

Sawbridgeworth man facing jail for stash of extreme animal porn. 

David Heath had videos and images of people having sex with animals

A Tesco store manager caught with a stash of extreme animal porn after cyber police caught him chatting to a paedophile on gay dating app Grindr is facing jail.

David Heath, 35, from Sawbridgeworth, downloaded around ten images and videos involving people having sex with dogs and horses on his mobile phones and laptop in 2016.

Heath, who manages a Tesco store in Essex, claims he collected the sick bestiality porn after meeting a man on Grindr ‘who was interested in that sort of thing’.

Police were monitoring the other Grindr user, who wasn’t named in court, because he was a ‘known paedophile’.

When they raided Heath’s home on August 10 last year he admitted downloading the extreme porn but claimed he didn’t realise it was illegal.

Officers suspected he had downloaded child abuse images but none were found on his devices.

Heath admitted one count of possessing extreme pornography at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Fiona Willis said: “Police searched Mr Heath’s address on August 10.

“He stated he had chatted to a guy on Grindr who was interested in that sort of thing.”

Extreme animal porn which is ‘grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character’ was banned by The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008.

Joe Davies, defending, said: “The offence came about when Mr Heath made contact with a gentleman on Grindr, this person was a known paedophile to the police.

“His contact with this paedophile led police to his door.”

The court heard Heath started working as a shelf stacker for Tesco and is now the manager of a store in Essex.

He said he ‘went through a stage of looking at human animal porn between 2014 and 2015’.

Heath said he did not realise it was illegal

“He didn’t even know it was an offence to have these kind of images that he now appears in court for,” said Mr Davies.

The court heard possessing extreme pornography could result in a sentence of up to three years in prison.

Adjourning sentence magistrate Ralph Spark said: “We are going to ask probation to make a report on you so the next sentencing bench can work out what to do – that will take place today.

“You are going to be seen in court on April 21 this year at 9.30am.

“You are released on unconditional bail.

“Any further crimes committed while on bail under The Bail Act will be treated more seriously by the next sentencing bench.”



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