Ryan Patrick Crofts – of Church Street in Holt

Holt man who broke order by downloading indecent images is jailed

A man subject to a sexual harm prevention order breached it by going onto the internet and downloading indecent images of children.

Ryan Patrick Crofts told police on his arrest that he had a problem and wanted help but Mold Crown Court was told on Thursday that he had already received help and was on an internet sexual offenders’ treatment course at the time.

Crofts, 23, of Church Street in Holt, was jailed for 22 months and placed on the sexual offenders register for 10 years. A new sexual harm prevention order was made indefinitely.

He admitted making by downloading 25 movies at category A – the worst kind.

Crofts also pleaded guilty to making 15 category B movies and five category B images, together with six category C movies and one category C image.

Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said it was so serious that only immediate custody could be justified. 

Crofts had quite deliberately breached the order to access images on the internet, she said.

She said Crofts needed to understand that children were being abused to create the images in the first place.

Arrested and interviewed, he said he had been “a bit of an idiot”. He did not know why he did it, he did not want to do it, and he needed help.

Crofts admitted that despite the order, he had created an Instagram account, uploaded a picture, and he was then contacted by various people with drop box links.

Barrister John Hedgecoe, defending, said the probation service felt that during the sessions with him, he had been providing the answers he believed they wanted to hear. But he would be in a position to complete the course in the community or after his release from jail.



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