Peter Perrins – known by children in Stone as “Sweet Pete”

‘Sweet Pete’ jailed for sex offences with girls

Peter Perrins was jailed for four years and put on the sex offenders register for life when he was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court. 

A PAEDOPHILE known by children in Stone as “Sweet Pete” because he would ply them with treats has been jailed for four years for sex offences.

Peter Perrins, 73, formerly of Lichfield Road, Stone was also put on the sex offenders register for life when he was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court on Monday after previously pleading guilty to six sexual offences relating to two girls aged under 16.

He was made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order and will be barred from working with children.

The court heard three of the offences, which occurred between September 2015 and March 2016, related to a vulnerable girl who would visit Perrins at his home.

Perrins would give her sweets and money, and on one occasion he gave her perfume. Prosecuting, Brian McKenna said: “He was known in the area as Sweet Pete, as he would give the children sweets.

“On one occasion he unzipped the top the girl was wearing and put his hand inside.

“On another occasion he kissed her on her lips and he would regularly touch or smack her bottom, even after she told him not to.”

Perrins’ behaviour came to light in March when the girl visited him with friends. He made inappropriate sexual remarks and put a vibrator against one of the girls’ necks and showed the victim a photo of his private parts. The victim told her mother and the police were called.

Perrins was arrested and admitted to police he had touched the girl’s breast “in a moment of weakness”. He also admitted smacking her once on the bottom.

Three offences, which happened in 2005, concerned another girl.

On one occasion she was sitting on the sofa at Perrins’ home with her coat on her lap. Mr McKenna said Perrins put his hand under the coat and down her trousers. It stopped when she moved away from him.

Mr McKenna said on another occasion she was coming out of the bathroom and Perrin dragged her into his bedroom. He said: “He pushed her onto his bed and started to kiss her mouth.”

Another incident happened at a party at Perrins’ home. The same victim had fallen asleep. She woke up to find Perrins exposing his private parts to her and he placed her hand on them. He stopped when someone came into the room.

Perrins told police he could only remember giving that victim a kiss on the cheek.

Defending, Darron Whitehead said: “He spared these young victims and their friends, who were witnesses, having to come to this court. He has owned up to a catalogue of serious offences.

“He said Perrins perhaps should have provided further pleas when he pleaded guilty to one sexual offence in September, adding: “I’m afraid he did not listen to the clear advice he was given and perhaps thought it was a storm in a teacup – frankly he was wrong.

“This has allowed him to understand how serious this is and how serious the court takes these offences.”

He said within a week of his police interview, Perrins moved from the area.

Mr Whitehead added: “He wants to live a solitary life. His family are shocked, disgusted and struggling to understand his actions.”

Judge Mark Eades said one of the victims had been vulnerable and Perrins’ behaviour giving her sweets, money and perfume was grooming.

Mr Eades said he had broken a taboo because he was sexually attracted to the children. He added: “It seems you didn’t think that what you were doing was really wrong and sought to explain away what you did.

“You plied them with sweets, money and perfume and were given the nickname Sweet Pete.”



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