Lisa Hauxwell, previously known as Craig John Hauxwell – originally from Darlington arrested in Nottinghamshire

Sex offender is arrested in Nottinghamshire after Crimewatch appeal

A convicted sex offender who has been on the run since last year has been traced and arrested in Nottinghamshire following an appeal on BBC Crimewatch UK.

On Monday night the programme broadcast an appeal to trace Lisa Hauxwell, previously known as Craig John Hauxwell, who had been convicted and sentenced in their absence to 14 years in prison in November 2016 for non-recent sex offences.

Hauxwell, 48, originally from Darlington, carried out the historic offences while living as a man but was sentenced and convicted under the name of Lisa.

However, after photos of Hauxwell were shown on Crimewatch on Monday night, more than 20 calls were made to the incident room with potential information.

And last night (Tuesday 7 March 2017) officers from Nottinghamshire Police, working on behalf of their colleagues in Durham, arrested Hauxwell at a location in the Newark area. Hauxwell was arrested for failing to attend Durham Crown Court.

Hauxwell, who was booked into custody under the name Craig, will be transported back north in due course in preparation for the start of his jail sentence.

Detective Chief Inspector Mel Bowden, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “I’d like to thank the members of the public who made contact to assist in locating this offender. They have played a pivotal role in enabling officers to locate and subsequently arrest.”


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