Richard Mark Tyler – of Upton Drive, Nuneaton

Paedophile from Nuneaton who breached conditions has jail time slashed
 March 9th 2017

Tyler admitted failing to comply with notification requirements and breaching the SOPO.

A SEX offender from Nuneaton who breached a court order banning him from contact with children has had his jail term cut by top judges.

Richard Mark Tyler, 44, of Upton Drive, was jailed for two years in March 2013 for nine sexual offences against male and female children.

He was also handed a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) prohibiting him from unsupervised contact with children.

But Tyler was spotted driving his car in Nuneaton with a child passenger, Mr Justice Gilbart told London’s Appeal Court.

Police investigated and found he had been in contact with two children.

Tyler admitted failing to comply with notification requirements and breaching the SOPO.

He was caged for two years and eight months at Warwick Crown Court on November 2 last year.

Sarah Holland, for Tyler, argued his jail term was far too tough and ought to be cut.

There was no evidence of any ‘deliberate targeting’ of the youngsters or of any harm having come to them, she said.

“There can be no doubt that breaches of an order such as this, and in circumstances such as these, must attract a significant custodial sentence,” said Mr Justice Gilbart.

But Tyler’s ‘sentence was too long’, added the judge, who was sitting with Lord Justice Treacy and Judge Richard Griffith-Jones.

Tyler’s sentence was reduced to two years.


Victims’ shock as Nuneaton sex attacker escapes with short prison sentence

 25th March  2013

TWO victims of a sexual predator who abused youngsters over a 20 year period say his sentence was a joke.

TWO victims of a sexual predator who abused youngsters over a 20-year period say his sentence was a joke.

Last month Richard Tyler, from Nuneaton, was jailed for just two years for the sick sex attacks on boys and girls aged between six and 16.

As his offending started two decades ago a judge at the crown court in Leamington said he had to issue a short sentence because older sentencing guidelines had to be used.

The judge even described his powers as “totally inadequate”.

Now one of Tyler’s victims – who was aged 16 when he attacked her – says she never fully recovered from the ordeal.

She said: “I still have flashbacks and nightmares about the night and the party. I was a shy, lacking in confidence and a little overweight, certainly not miss popular.

“There were lots of us in this room all settling down on the floor to watch the film Ghost.

“I had a severe asthma attack after the assault and was taken to the Manor Hospital in Nuneaton before going home.

“I instantly showered and scrubbed my skin until it was sore.”

Tyler went on to attack a boy and girl, both aged six, and a ten-year-old girl before being arrested.

He continued to deny four charges of indecent assault, two of indecency with a child and three sexual assaults, until the day of his trial.

When he eventually came clean his victims were told he could be jailed for up to eight years.

But he ended up with a two year sentence, and could be released after serving just nine months.

Another of Tyler’s victims, who was six when she was abused, said: “The thought of giving evidence in court was horrid – the words scared and frightened don’t come close to describing how afraid I was.

“I counted down the months and days until the hearing.

“Every day I wondered what it would be like standing in a box in front of strangers and talking about what happened.

“When he was sentenced we all fell apart. We were in tears and horrified that he only got two years.

“The justice system got it so wrong in our eyes. It was a big shock – personally I wished I hadn’t gone to the hearing.

“I was just really thankful to have the support of my family, they calmed me down because I was so mad about the sentence.”

Both agree that Tyler should be carefully monitored on his release.

His younger victim said: “People should be made aware when he comes out. I really hope he stays away from Nuneaton or anywhere where my family are.”


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