Lee Callaghan – Stow Park Avenue in Newport

‘You minimise the clear sexual interest you have in young children’ A judge’s damning words to unrepentant offender. 

Lee Callaghan, 45, admitted making and distributing indecent images of children

3 FEB 2017


Lee Callaghan has been jailed

 A remorseless pervert who used a search engine to look for images of incest has been jailed for making and distributing images of child abuse. 

Lee Callaghan, 45, from Stow Park Avenue in Newport , admitted making 10 indecent images of children and sending eight indecent images to other people.

Sentencing at Cardiff Crown Court , Judge Daniel Williams told the defendant: “You are in denial.”

The court heard police investigated Callaghan after finding an image he had sent when examining another man’s phone.

Prosecutor Jonathan Rees said officers searched his home in May last year and seized a black iPhone 6.

The phone was analysed and found to contain 10 indecent images of children – all of the most serious Category A. 

Prosecutors said he also sent eight images to four other people, including three at Category A and five Category C.

Mr Rees said the defendant used Google to search for terms including “incest” and “pre-teen”.

He added: “This was deliberate and systematic searching.”

Callaghan pleaded guilty to making and distributing indecent images of children.

James Evans, defending, said his client had no relevant previous convictions.

The defence barrister argued there were “a low number of images” involved, adding: “One is used to seeing hundreds or thousands in a case like this.”

Mr Evans told the court Callaghan acted as a carer for his father and was ashamed of his behaviour.

After reading the pre-sentence report, Judge Williams noted the defendant refused to acknowledge his offending.

He told Callaghan: “You minimise the clear sexual interest you have in young children.”

The judge made an order for the phone and laptop to be destroyed.

He added: “Behind each of those images is a real child and real, terrible abuse being inflicted upon them.”

Callaghan was jailed for two years and a 10-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order was made.

Martin Ludlow, team operations manager for the National Crime Agency’s CEOP command, said: “In his communications with others it became clear Callaghan was a dangerous man who wanted to abuse children so his arrest and conviction has protected potential victims.

“We are committed to tracking down offenders who use the internet to access and share this type of material wherever they are and bringing them to account.”




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