Roger Holbrook – The Leat, Walkhampton, Tavistock

Paedophile avoids jail despite viewing ‘disgusting’ child sex images

February 06, 2017



Holbrook was told he viewed images which encouraged child abuse. File picture

A paedophile who downloaded disgusting images of children, including one showing a baby being sexually abused, has avoided going straight to jail. 

Roger Holbrook, aged 58, made vile online boasts to a convicted sex offender and asked for pictures over Skype, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

A judge branded the images “disgusting” and “dreadful”, adding they encouraged child abuse.

Recorder Simon Levene said: “One cannot get away from the fact that these are actual photographs of actual children, actually suffering.” 

But he added he could suspend his prison sentence because Holbrook had recognised he had a problem and was taking action to tackle it.

Holbrook, of The Leat, Walkhampton near Tavistock, pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images of Category A, B and C between April 2011 and July last year.

The court heard he had ten images – including one movie – in the most serious category, showing children being sexually abused.

He had 16 pictures in Category B and 118 in Category C.



Police were forced to view the vile images to classify them. File pics

Janice Eagles, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said police who caught a paedophile in North Wales found that he had had contact with Holbrook.

She added detectives found Holbrook had conversations with the sex offender and even found footage of the defendant watching indecent films featuring children.

Miss Eagles said: “He said (to the sex offender) that the next day he would have his 11-year-old daughter with him. This is fantasy as he does not have an 11-year-old daughter.”

The court heard that police raided his home and seized two laptops containing indecent images.

Miss Eagles said the most graphic showed a child estimated as being aged between one and two being sexually abused.

The barrister explained: “The youngest child was merely a baby”.

She added that Skype data showed Holbrook requesting indecent images from other users.

Miss Eagles said investigators also found that he had used explicit search terms to look for vile pictures.


06/01/2013 - Pic by Lucy Blake Gv of Plymouth Crown Court.

Holbrook walked free from Plymouth Crown Court

He added that he used peer to peer software capable of sharing images – though there was no evidence he had sent them to anyone else.

Miss Eagles said Holbrook had software to delete his internet history.

Michael Green, for Holbrook, admitted the images were “horrific and very troubling”.

He added the defendant, unlike others in his position, had realised he had a problem and sought help from a charity at his own expense after he was arrested.

Mr Green said Holbrook was being treated for mental health difficulties.

He added: “He lives in rather sad and worrying circumstances and started self-harming about 18 months ago.”

Holbrook was handed an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with probation supervision to tackle his sex offending.

He must sign the Sex Offender Register for a decade and was handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for the same length. This will allow police to monitor his internet use.


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