Waqaar Khan / Marcus Woolcock / Kadeem Bourne / Keenan Kelly and Zahid Chaudhary – Coventry 

​Facebook rape gang who wooed girls online then plied them with drink and drugs before attacking them is jailed for 44 years 

Vile gang were found guilty of 18 offences including rape and human trafficking

They targeted young girls in the Coventry area striking between 2015 and 2016

The crew consisted of Waqaar Khan, Marcus Woolcock, Kadeem Bourne

And their friends Keenan Kelly and Zahid Chaudhary, all lived in Coventry

Waqaar Kahn, who police say was the leader of the gang, was jailed for 14 and a half years.

A Facebook rape gang who wooed girls online before plying them with drink and drugs have been jailed for 44 years.

The vile crew targeted a number of girls in Coventry, striking between 2015 and 2016.

Waqaar Khan, 24, Marcus Woolcock, 22, Kadeem Bourne, 23, Keenan Kelly, 18, and Zahid Chaudhary, 20, were convicted of 18 offences at Warwick Crown Court.

They included rape, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Khan was jailed for 14 and a half years and Bourne 13 and a half years, while Kelly was handed a 10-year sentence.

Woolcock was jailed for two years and Chaudhry was sentenced 18 months.

The gang were convicted of attacking two teenagers, but six others, five of whom were under the age of 16, gave evidence at earlier hearings.

The girls spoke of being picked up by taxis and taken to parties or car parks where they were plied with alcohol or drugs.

Detectives from West Midlands Police say Khan, the leader of the group, contacted girls on Facebook before grooming them with the promise of shopping trips.

The Coventry Telegraph reported that an impact statement from one of the victims said she had to rely on medication to help ‘cope with day-to-day life’.

She added: ‘I feel like I will never be the same again.’

West Midlands Detective Chief Inspector Ian Green, detectives were still investigating one of the gang.

He told the Telegraph: ‘The sexual abuse of young girls is inexcusable.

‘Our investigation into Waqaar Khan’s network is still on-going and we are continuing to sift through thousands of texts to identify further potential victims and their abusers.

‘I hope that these convictions will give others the courage to come forward.’


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