Cristian Diaz – who is from Spain but was living in Enniskillen

​Man jailed for touching children in Lakeland Forum pool

Cristian Diaz, accompanied by his two sisters, was sentenced at Dungannon Crown Court

A man who sexually touched three young girls in an Enniskillen public swimming pool has been jailed for seven months.
Cristian Diaz, 35, who is from Spain but was living in Enniskillen, admitted carrying out the Lakeland Forum attacks in February and March 2015.

He approached the children – aged nine, 10 and 11 – on three separate occasions while they were swimming.

A judge said the offences had taken place in a “public arena” and had involved children of a “tender age”.

‘Confused, distressed and upset’

He said the swimming pool was a place “where the children should have been able to feel safe and where parents allow them to go in safety”.

He said the attacks had left the girls “understandably confused, distressed and upset at what happened to them”.

A prosecution lawyer told Dungannon Crown Court that following one of the assaults, Diaz, told the child he was “sorry” but they were too shocked to reply and swam away.

The incidents were reported to the police who then identified Diaz from CCTV footage.

A defence lawyer said Diaz was a graduate of Madrid University who had been working in Europe as an electrical engineer, before moving to Enniskillen in order to improve his English. 

His address was given as East Bridge Street in the town.

“The accused accepts the three complainants were bound to be frightened, stressed and suffer as a result of his actions and for what it’s worth he’s asked me to apologise for his actions,” said the lawyer.

He added that Diaz had described what had happened “as the greatest mistake of his life”.

The incidents happened at the Lakeland Forum in Enniskillen

Diaz has since returned to Spain to live with his father and he was accompanied to the court in Dungannon by of his two sisters.

He was given a 14-month sentence, half to be served in prison, and was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

The parents of the three children sat in the public gallery of the court and watched as Diaz shrugged his shoulders before he was led away in handcuffs.

The mother of one child said afterwards: “He came in here as Cristian Diaz, but he’s going out as a registered sex offender.”

‘Predator stopped’

In a statement the parents thanked the PSNI in Enniskillen for the “sensitive, professional and tenacious manner in which they dealt with this enquiry to ensure this predator was stopped from causing more or greater harm”.

They added: “This case has spanned nearly two years with the offender only admitting his guilt the day before his trial was due to start.

“The children were very brave to come forward and should be very proud of themselves in helping to stop further harm to members of the public.”


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