Brian Paterson – Colchester

​Pensioner who called himself a “massive pervert” sobs as he’s jailed over photos of children being sexually abused.

24th January 2017

Brian Paterson, who downloaded 10,000 child abuse images, made the comment as he opened his door to police

A self-proclaimed “massive pervert” pensioner sobbed in the dock as he was jailed after downloading 10,000 child abuse images.

A court heard how 74-year-old Brian Paterson opened the door to police last year and repeatedly shouted: “I am a pervert, a massive pervert.”

During their investigation detectives found images of children under the age of six months being sexually abused.

He was handed a 10-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to five charges brought against him, Essex Live reported.

Paterson also held material featuring a woman performing sexual acts with a horse, and cartoons depicting oral sexual abuse of a child.

In analysing three laptops, three hard drives, two memory cards and three DVDs, police found 3,232 images and 30 videos in category B; 5,310 images and 60 videos in category C; 39 prohibited cartoons showing abuse; and 17 extreme images involving penetration.

The probation officer’s pre-sentence report stated: “It is my assessment he downloaded these images for sexual gratification.

“He repeatedly informed me he is impotent and has no urges, but then contradicted himself by saying he does have urges and tries to get aroused.”

Geoffrey Porter, prosecuting, recommended a one-year custodial sentence as a starting point because of the “high volume” of category A images, while defence counsel Catherine Bradshaw called for a suspended sentence.

She revealed Paterson suffered abuse as a child from his father, leading to lifelong mental health issues which saw him have breakdowns and electro-shock treatments in the 1960s and 70s.

Ms Bradshaw said: “”He is full of remorse. He has been full of frank admissions right from the point the police knocked on door.

She added: “He doesn’t try to justify what he has done. He knows it is disgusting.”

She added that Paterson has paid for 10 sessions with a counsellor at Colchester’s Turner Centre since his arrest.

But in passing sentence, Judge Seely said he was “not convinced” of Paterson’s remorse.

He said: “The offences are quite literally appalling, and it would be hard in some instances to have younger children abused.

“Abuse on you seems to have had a long-lasting effect, but it does not excuse your abuse on others.”

Paterson admitted to three counts of making an indecent photograph/pseudo-photograph of a child, and single counts of possessing a prohibited image of a child and possessing an extreme pornographic image.

His 10-month sentence was reduced from 15 months because of his earliest possible guilty plea.

He was also given an indefinite sexual health prevention order, despite Ms Bradwell submitting for it to last only five to eight years.


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