Callum Bedford – formerly of Lairgate Place, Cleethorpes

​JAILED: Depraved man who attempted to rape young girl filmed his sickening attack

A PERVERT who “plumbed the depths of sexual depravity” by filming himself trying to rape a young girl has been jailed for 14 years.

Police found a “disturbing” phone video of the “sexually excited” man “enjoying himself” while abusing the girl, a court heard.

He had a “depraved sexual interest in children” and also filmed sexually intimate scenes involving the girl on another occasion.

Both videos and other images had been distributed to other “sick” perverts and his behaviour was “beyond the pale”, the court was told.

Callum Bedford, 28, formerly of Lairgate Place, Cleethorpes, admitted attempting to rape a girl on April 30 and sexual activity with her between January 1 and September 6 last year.

He also admitted distributing indecent images of the girl, including footage of the attempted rape and the other incident.

He admitted taking and making indecent photographs of children, distributing the images and possessing extreme pornography.

Craig Lowe, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that police received information from the Canadian police force and went to Bedford’s home on September 5.

Two mobile phones were seized and images involving sexual activity in the presence of the girl were found.

The attempted rape was shown in a 21-second video filmed on his phone.

“She was making noises that clearly show she was distressed by what was happening to her,” said Mr Lowe.

“The defendant was also making noises consistent with enjoying himself or being sexually excited.”

There was another 36-second video involving Bedford in sexual activity with the girl.

Both videos had been distributed to other people. Other still and moving images had also been distributed.

Andrew Bailey, mitigating, said they were serious offences but Bedford had pleaded guilty.

“Right-thinking members of the public would immediately conclude that this behaviour was, frankly, beyond the pale,” said Mr Bailey.

The video was “disturbing” and Bedford would have to live with what he had done.

The attempted rape was “an attempt” and not the full offence but it was “clearly determined”, added Mr Bailey.

Bedford denied having a sexual interest in children and had repeatedly expressed remorse.

He had no previous convictions.

“He feels terrible, as he should,” said Mr Bailey.

Judge Mark Bury said: “Nobody would behave in this way unless they had a depraved sexual interest in children.”

He told Bedford: “You have plumbed the depths of sexual depravity and reached the lowest level possible.

“No normal person can imagine anything worse than what you have done.”

By distributing the images, it was possible that “hundreds and possibly thousands of perverts” might have seen the pictures.

The footage would be “impossible to eradicate” and Bedford had made other images of the girl on several occasions.

“Your prime motivation was a depraved sexual interest in children,” said Judge Bury.

“You distributed images of what you did to like-minded sick individuals.”

Bedford was ordered to register for life as a sex offender and was given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order.


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