Wayne Pickering – from Bransholme, Hull

​Sex beast won restraining order AGAINST victim he raped 22 times after she punched him

A RAPIST who got his teen victim pregnant was awarded a restraining order against HER after she punched him in the face in revenge.

VICTIM: A rapist who got a teenager pregnant was awarded a restraining order against her

A judge branded the court decision against the girl “a grotesque subversion of reality”.

Wayne Pickering, 47, raped the teen more than 22 times after grooming her.

But he was later granted a restraining order against her after she attacked him in a “chance encounter”.

Pickering, from Bransholme, Hull, was jailed for 15 years after being convicted of three rapes and an indecent assault following a trial.

In a harrowing victim statement read by prosecutor Andrew Bailey at Hull Crown Court the girl said she felt “dirty and emotionally disturbed nearly every day”.

ASSAULT: Wayne Pickering raped the teen more than 22 times after grooming her

She said: ”I often feel sick to the stomach that I allowed that to happen but did not tell anyone.”

The teen admitted turning to drink, self-harming and could not sleep without medication after being plagued by “strong feelings of being worthless and used and abused”.

”I feel that I’m broken and can’t be fixed,” she said.

”I wish I could erase my brain and start again.”

“I feel that I’m broken and can’t be fixed”

Teen victim

The court heard she often put a pillow over her face when she was being abused and felt powerless to resist Pickering, who was cleared of two further rapes and three indecent assaults.

Judge Mark Bury told him: ”It’s not difficult to see why that was so.

”You were much bigger and stronger.

”Your offending is extremely serious.

”It is no exaggeration in my view to say that you blighted her life.

”You did not have the courage to admit your offences. You forced her to relive her ordeal in the witness box.

”But she has, by and large, been believed by the jury, and I hope she now feels vindicated and can begin to move on with her life.”

Pickering, who must sign on the sex offenders’ register for life, first targeted the girl by making inappropriate comments to her and others which he tried to pass off as “banter”.

He then forced the teen into sex against her will.

She did not report the abuse for years because she “didn’t think she would be believed”.

The girl terminated the pregnancy but afterwards her life “derailed”.

When confronted with the allegations Pickering denied them causing her “more pain”, the judge said.

Charlotte Baines, mitigating, admitted there was “very little” she could say in his favour.



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