Philip Jones, who now lives in Spain 

​A sex offender drawn into the “web of abuse” involving Norwich paedophile Roy Reynolds in the 1990s, has been given a two year suspended jail term.

Roy Reynolds, 68, who was jailed for life in 1999 for his part in a vice ring involving young boys, was jailed a further 16 months, this week, following fresh allegations and now another man, Philip Jones, 66, has appeared at Norwich Crown Court, after one of Reynolds’ victims made a further allegation of sex abuse involving him.

Jones, who now lives in Spain and is in poor health, admitted sexually assaulting the boy when he was about 13 or 14 back in the 1990s.

The court heard that Jones had already served a 30 month sentence back in 1998, for indecent assault, and although the victim was spoken to at the time, at that stage he did not want to make any complaint against Jones.

Mark Roochove, prosecuting, said that it was only later that the victim, who offended himself, contacted police after he came out of prison to make complaints about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Reynolds and also made a complaint about Jones.

He said that Reynolds had introduced the victim to Jones and he had taken him to his home, in the Norwich area, where he was indecently assaulted.

Philip Farr, for Jones, said that the allegation dated back 25 years ago and Jones, like Reynolds, had now been rehabilitated and not re-offended.

“He was drawn into the Roy Reynolds web. He is not a predatory, grooming paedophile.”

Sentencing him to two years jail, suspended for two years, Judge Stephen Holt said Jones was entitled to credit for his guilty plea.

“You had been introduced to this boy by Reynolds. It’s quite plain he(Reynolds) was at the centre of this web involving the abuse of young boys to people such as you.”

He added: “He was being abused by a large number of men during this period and its right to say when the investigation took place, which resulted in your conviction in 1998, the victim had been approached by police and asked if anything happened to him and had specifically said no.”

Judge Holt said it was only later the victim had come forward as he wanted closure on what happened.

He also placed Jones on the sex offender register for 10 years.


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