Christopher Semak – BIRMINGHAM


This is a picture of Christopher Semak, the former West Midlands Police Officer of Bournville Lane Station who in 2014 was sent to prison for sexually abusing a young girl aged 14 after texting her, the married police officer text messages included saying he would be as ‘bad as the paedophiles I am trying to catch’ was jailed for six years.

Her father has posted of the news that after only 3 years of his 6 year sentence, he has been released on licence. We are not fully aware of his location, but believe it to be the Birmingham area. Please share this post and picture to anyone you can to ensure your children and friends remain safe. 
Conviction details below…. 

Christopher Semak, an officer in south Birmingham, committed crimes between 2010 and 2011

Stafford Crown Court heard 18 encounters between pair took place in Semak’s car while his young child was in front seat

Semak, 33, jailed for six years and put on sex offenders’ register for life


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