Robert Alexander Robertson – Swansea

A paedophile who threatened to kill his victim has tried to claim his sentence was too long

But Court of Appeal judges have said 16 years jail was ‘wholly appropriate’

June 2017.

Judges at the Court of Appeal in London have upheld the sentence received by Robert Alexander Robertson.


A Swansea paedophile who preyed on two children more than two decades ago has been told by top judges he cannot complain about his jail term.

Robert Alexander Robertson raped both of his victims and threatened to kill one of them if she told anyone about the abuse.

The 56-year-old, of Hanover Street, Uplands, denied any wrongdoing but was found guilty of three counts of indecency with a child, three of rape and two of indecent assault.

He was jailed for 16 years, with an extended licence period of one year, at Swansea Crown Court in July last year.

Robertson today challenged his sentence at the Court of Appeal, in London, with his lawyers arguing it was far too tough.

But three senior judges rejected his bid for a lower jail term, saying 16 years was “wholly appropriate” for his crimes – which had a “profound effect” on the victims.

The court heard Robertson abused a boy and a girl in the 1990s, when they were both aged under 10.

He told his female victim he would kill her if she told anyone what he had done to her.

Judge Melbourne Inman QC said the court would have to correct technical issues with the way Robertson was sentenced.

But, dismissing his bid to have his jail term cut, the judge said the overall length of the sentence was “not excessive”.

Sitting with Lord Justice Hickinbottom and Mr Justice Holroyde, he added: “A total sentence with a custodial element of 16 years and an extension period of one year was wholly appropriate.”


Victim of historic child sex attack speaks out after her abuser is jailed for 16 years

THE victim of historic child sex attacks who watched as her Swansea abuser was jailed said she saw “no emotion” as he was sent down for 16 years.


The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she felt ‘justice had been served’ – but added she still felt numb from the experience.

Robert Alexander Robertson, of Hanover Street, was found guilty of a series of charges by a jury following a four-day trial at Swansea Crown Court; three of indecency with a child, three of rape, one indecent assault, and one indecent assault on a male person.

Robertson, aged 46, had denied the charges, forcing his victims to endure a trial and relive their experiences.

His female victim, who gave evidence via video link, said the events had taken place more than twenty years ago, but the prosecution came about after spotting Robertson in Swansea two years ago.

She said: “I bumped into him walking the streets, and I realised that I needed to do something. It was the first time I had seen him in years.

“He ruined my life, and the last two years have been hell. I knew I was coming to court, but I did not know how to prepare for it. I haven’t been able to get counselling, in case it jeopardised the trial, and I’ve had to take anti-depressants.

“He makes me sick to my stomach. It was an awful experience going to court – one of the worst days of my life.

“Another one of his victims faced him in court, but I was too scared”.

It was not until the jury reached a guilty verdict, that she was able to face her abuser across the court room.

She added: “I was in another room, and I collapsed on the floor when I heard the verdict. Then I rushed straight into court. He showed no emotion whatsoever. He didn’t look at me.

“It was not the maximum sentence he could have been given, which I would have liked. But I feel some justice has been done and I am sure he will serve it all.”


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