Martin Kidd – South View in Acomb, York also seen in Earswick

Paedophile who tried to lure York boys into his car is jailed again

February 2017

A SEX offender who once tried to abduct boys outside a York school has been jailed after once again defying a court order.

Martin Kidd, 26, was imprisoned for 12 months by a judge at York Crown Court yesterday for breaching a Sexual Harm Prevention Order by accessing the internet at his workplace at York Railway Station.

The court heard he was prohibited from using the internet, apart from on his father’s laptop which had appropriate software, but had admitted to probation officers he had done so on a workplace computer.

He exchanged messages on Twitter with a young woman who said she was 17, but then told her to block him so he wouldn’t be tempted to contact her again.

He also used a chatroom to message a girl with a username which indicated she was 16, although she was actually 22, said Peter Yates, prosecuting.

Michael Rawlinson said in mitigation that he had been ‘doing rather well’ before he had been asked to use a workplace computer for an administrative task. “Temptation got the better of him,” he said, calling for him to be given credit for his guilty plea.

Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said the order was intended to protect the public, particularly young girls, from his illegal attentions.

Kidd had not been able to resist temptation and had been sexually aroused by his conversations. “You cannot control your actions,” he said, adding that he would have imposed an 18-month sentence but for his guilty plea.

Several judges have already spoken of their concerns in the past about Kidd.

In February 2012, as he was sentenced for trying to lure two 11-year-olds into his car, Judge Roger Ibbotson told him: “There is a very disturbing pattern to you committing offences with such persistence.”

He jailed him for 16 months for two charges of attempted abduction of a child and made a five-year restraining order.

Within days of being released from that sentence, he broke the restraining order by texting a 14-year-old girl.

Recorder Graeme Cook, jailing him for four months, said: “Your behaviour is concerning to me.”


🔴June 2016 Awareness Posting🔴

🔹Martin Kidd NOW FREE and residing at bail hostel in Acomb, York🔹

🔴In March 2015 Sex offender Martin Kidd jailed for grooming young girls….previously in 2012, he was convicted of trying to lure two 11-year-old York boys into his car near their school and in 2011 was cautioned for inciting a 13-year-old girl into sexual activity.🔴

Details below of conviction 2015 🔻🔻

A SEX offender who “wormed” his way into families of underage girls as he repeatedly flouted a court order has been jailed for three years.

Martin Kidd, 24, targeted three girls aged 14 and 15 through social media and tried to persuade one to have sex with him.

Prosecutor Matthew Collins said Kidd was banned under a restraining order from contacting any child under 16 because, in 2012, he was convicted of trying to lure two 11-year-old York boys into his car near their school and in 2011 was cautioned for inciting a 13-year-old girl into sexual activity.

The Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, said: “I regard this case as being worrying from a number of points of view.

“The evidence I have read shows all the classic signs of grooming.”

He told Kidd at York Crown Court: “What you did was to worm your way into several families.”

Kidd had concealed his past from the girls’ relatives and struck up friendships with their daughters as he targeted underage girls sexually.

“There was deliberate defiance of a court order to further sexual interest in children,” the judge said.

He said a probation service assessment of Kidd as being a “high risk” as being “absolutely spot on”.

Kidd, formerly of Rose Tree Grove, New Earswick, pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order three times and one of inciting an underage girl to sexual activity and was jailed for three years.

He must also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The restraining order remains in place until 2017, and the judge said public protection officers could apply for a sexual harm prevention order to be made against Kidd to restrict his behaviour.

For Kidd, Victoria Smith-Swain handed in a letter from him and said he was remorseful for what he had done.

He now realised he had a sexual interest in girls under 16 and had made inquiries about possibly doing a sex offender treatment programme while in jail.

His crimes were prompted by his social isolation that led to him spending a lot of time on social media.

The court heard the three girls are from the Doncaster area.

🔹NORTH Yorkshire Police are urging parents and underage girls to be alert to sex offenders targeting them through social media.

Detective Inspector Shaun Page said: “I am pleased that Martin Kidd has been given a custodial sentence and he will be unable to contact underage girls, which despite a restraining order prohibiting contact with under-16s he has continued to do.

“I am grateful to the victims for raising their concerns about Kidd to their parents and our colleagues at South Yorkshire Police who gathered evidence which helped secure his conviction.

“The victims did exactly the right thing in informing their parents and highlights that everyone needs to be aware of the signs of child sexual exploitation.

“Kidd targeted his victims online, which is one of the main platforms where offenders target young people. I would urge all parents to be alive to the dangers of sexual grooming online and be aware of who your children are talking to and how much time they are spending on the internet.

“We are working with our partner agencies to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and educate adults and young people about what they can do to prevent it.”




🔴Child kidnap attempt man sentenced.

February 2012

A YOUNG man has been banned from loitering near schools and jailed for 16 months after he twice tried to lure 11-year-old boys into his car.

Martin Kidd was last year caught being involved in arranging a sex offence via the internet involving a 13-year-old girl and was cautioned, York Crown Court heard.

Rupert Doswell, prosecuting, said after the day after his arrest outside one York school following the two abduction bids, Kidd was spotted outside a second school in the same area. He has been in custody ever since.

Judge Roger Ibbotson told him: “There is a very disturbing pattern to you committing offences with such persistence.”

Kidd, 21,formerly of Rose Tree Grove, New Earswick, pleaded guilty to two charges of attempted child abduction and driving without insurance.

He denied a third allegation of attempted abduction which was left on file.

In additon to the jail term, he was given a five-year restraining order that stops him going anywhere near the two boys, plus a third he allegedly approached, having unsupervised contact with any child under 16, and being alone in a car with a child. He must also tell the police the registration number of any car he owns. He also got six penalty points on his licence.

Mr Doswell said Kidd tried to get the first 11-year-old boy to get into his car as the child was walking along the street near a school at 6pm on October 17. The boy refused and went to a friend’s house. When he came out a few minutes later, he saw Kidd waiting nearby “looking at him suspiciously”.

He told his mother and police were waiting for Kidd the next evening outside the first school. Unknown to them, earlier that day, he had approached a second 11-year-old boy at shops near the second school and told him to get into his car.

When the boy refused, he got angry and drove off in his black and white Ford Escort with a white spoiler and lights running right round its base. He was arrested alone in the car later that day, driving without insurance.
For Kidd, Paul Williams said there was no evidence he had been sexually motivated. His family were standing by him and would supervise him closely after his release.

“They are extremely anxious that the court should not think he has a sexual preference or interest in young boys at all,” he said. “What you have here is an incredibly naive and immature young man who doesn’t really mingle with his own age group and lives at home with his parents.”

He liked being an “elder brother” to younger boys.


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