Joshua Walmsley – formerly of Blackburn but who now lives in Prescot Road, Bury

A LYING sex offender who was given a community sentence for breaching the terms of a court order has been jailed for 16 months.

December 2016.

Bolton Crown Court heard how conman Joshua Walmsley has used 31 aliases and has a string of convictions for offences in England, Scotland and Germany, including robbery and sexual assault.

Walmsley, aged 40, conned numerous women, charming his way into their lives using a series of fanciful stories including that he had escorted Princess Diana around minefields, had served in the SAS, owned a Michelin-starred restaurant and spoke six languages.

In May this year, he was sentenced to a three-year community order for three counts of fraud, presenting false CVs to potential employers, and breaching the term of his sexual offences prevention order by spending time at the homes of two women where children were present.

He was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work, but Judge Elliot Knopf was told that Walmsley, of Prescot Close, Bury, has failed to attend probation appointments and do unpaid work on three occasions.

Lisa Wilson, prosecuting, stressed that police have concerns about Walmsley and public safety.

Stuart Duke, defending, appealed to the judge not to jail Walmsley, claiming that for the six months before the community order was imposed he had been remanded in custody.

“The question is, has he been punished enough already?” said Mr Duke.

But Judge Knopf stressed that it is the second time Walmsley has failed to obey the court order.

“You have demonstrated repeatedly an unwillingness to comply,” he told Walmsley.

The judge ended the community order and resentenced the defendant to 16 months in prison.

“If you cock a snook at the court, you leave the court with very little choice,” he said.


Smooth-talking Blackburn sex offender charmed his way into the life of women up and down the country

🔴LIES: Joshua Walmsley told women he had been in the SAS

A SMOOTH-TALKING sex offender has been banned from changing his name after he charmed his way into the life of women up and down the country including East Lancashire.

Serial love-rat Joshua Walmsley, 39, told women he had been in the SAS, escorted Princess Diana across minefields, held four degrees and spoke six different languages.

Smooth-talking Blackburn sex offender charmed his way into the life of women up and down the country

He even claimed to have owned a Michelin-starred restaurant in Canada.

His lies were uncovered when he applied for a job at the Stanley House Hotel & Spa, Mellor — where he was asked to bake a tray of brownies. After lying about his professional prowess, he was only able to hand his employer a tray of charred remains.

Walmsley, who is formerly of Blackburn but who now lives in Prescot Road, Bury, pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud, having presented a false CV to Stanley House Hotel, the Brickworks in Accrington and Name in Blackburn in a bid to gain employment.

He also admitted breaching the terms of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order after wooing two women in Lancashire and staying overnight at their homes while their children were present.

Walmsley homed in on the first woman when he met her at Blackburn Cathedral, and claimed he was to be the next dean. The woman was taken aback when Walmsley kissed her — but soon they started a relationship.

The second woman met Walmsley through dating site Badoo where his profile made claims he had a lengthy military career.

He met up with her in a children’s play area in Thornton Cleveleys and told her it was his birthday, before they went along to a restaurant in Lytham for their lunch. The woman picked up the bill — and loaned Walmsley £20 for a taxi home.

In each instance Walmsley moved fast and was almost living with the women within weeks.

However, when one woman overheard him giving the name Walmsley to a potential employer, after he had given her his name as Faulkner, she searched the internet and found a blog containing scores of entries by women taken in by Walmsley’s charms.
Recorder Nicholas Clarke QC, sentencing, said: “I have contemplated an order that would ensure he wore suitable identification either round his neck or whatever was required to inform people who he is and what his past is. At every turn he has lied about his identity, his job, his employment, he has changed his name in order to try to hide from his past.”

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Walmsley spent five months on remand awaiting sentence for his offences. Recorder Clarke said if he jailed him, Walmsley would be eligible for release almost immediately.

Walmsley was handed a three-year community order with the condition he does not use any other name either face to face or by social media, or legally change his name.

He was ordered to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work and undergo 30 days’ rehabilitation activity.


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